Universal Fisher and Paykel Simpson Westinghouse Oven Lamp 15W 300 Degree E14 Clear Lamp

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Part codes: LM003, 573235, 50288142008 RLMP-A041CBZZ 3192560054 572491543100/1 49489 4004506004 1440879 1440879 ET482064

Specs: GE Lighting. Clear Finish. Pygmy E14 Bulb/Screw Size. 85lm, 15W, 240V, SES screw type. 300 DEGREES RATED FOR OVENS AND HIGH TEMP.

Fits inside 0212002074 & 0212002107 Electrolux parts.


BI600A, BI600AA, BI600C, BI600CR, BI600E, BI600G, BI600GR, BI600P,
BI600R, BI600RR, BI600S, BI600X, BICT600E, BICT600P
BI600A, BI600C, BI600CR, BI600E, BI600G, BI600GR, BI600QAA,
BI600QWD, BI600R, BI600RR, BI600S, BI600X, BICT600E
BI6101ED, BI601QASE1.5, BI601QASE2, BI601XC, BI601XC2
BI601A, BI601C, BI601CTE, BI601E, BI601G, BI601QAA, BI601QAE,
BI601QASE, BI601QASX, BI601R, BI601X
BI602C, BI602R, BI452R,

BI602MASE,  BI602MASE1.5,  BI60MASE2,  BI60MASX,  BI602XC,  BI452ASP,  BI602ASE,  BI602ASX,  BI602ASE1.5,  BI602ASE2,  BI602ED,  BI452E,  BI603MASE,  BI603MASE1.5,  BI603MASE2,  BI453MDP,  BI603MDE,  BI603MDE,  BI603MDE2,  BI603MASE,  BI603MDX,  BI453QASP,  BI603QASE,  BI603QASX,  BO6-3QASE1.5,  BI603QASE2,  DI1203DG,  BI602H,  BI602E,  BI602CTE,  BI602X,  BI602ED,  RA6102B,  RA6102AW,  RA6102MAW,  RA6102MEWC,  RA6102MEWS,  RA6102MEDS,  RA6102MEW,  BI602C,  BI602E,  BI602CTE,  BI602ED,  BI452A,  BI602A,  BI602E,  BI602CTE,  BI602X,  BI602XC,  BI602ED,  BI452QASP,  BI60WQAA,  BI602MAA,  BI602QAE,  BI602MAE,  BI602QASE,  BI602MASE,  BI602QASX,  BI602MASX,  BI602QASE1.5,  BI602QASE2,  DI1202QG,  RA6102AW,  RA6102B,  RA6102MEWC,  RA6102MEWS,  RA6102MEDS,  RA6102MEW,  RA6102AWC,  RA6102BC,  RAY102MAWS,  BI452MDP,  BI602MDE,  BI602MDE1.5,  BI602MDE2,  BI602MDX,  BI603MASE1.5,  BI603MASE2,  BI453MDP,  BI603MDE,  BI603MDE1.5,  BI603MDE2,  BI60MASX,  BI603MDX,  BI453QASP,  BI603QASE,  BI603QASX,  BI603QASE1.5,  BI603QASE2,  BI603ED,  BI603A,  BI603E,  BI603CTE,  BI602R,  BI602C,  BI452R,  BI453E,  BO6-3XC,  BO6-3CE,  BO6-3X,  BO453RE,  BO603H,  BI603DE,  BI453DP,  BI603MASE,  BI603MASE1.5,  BI603MASE2,  BI603MASX,  BI453QASP,  BI603QASE,  BI603QASX,  BI603QASE1.5,  BI603QASE2,  RA6103AQ,  RA6103B,  RA6103MAW,  RA6103MEWC,  RA6103MEWS,  RA6103MEDS,  RA6103MEW,  RA6103AQC,  RA6103BC,  RA6103MAWS,  OR61S2CAWSW1,  OR61S2CAWW1,  OR612S2CBW1,  OR61S4CAWW1,  OR61S8CEWW1,  PR61S9CEWSW1,  PR61S2CEWW2,  OR61S4CEWW2,  OR612S4CEWW2,  OR61S8CEWSW2,  BI602C,  BI603E,  BI603CTE,  BI603ED,  BI603X,  OR61S8CEWSW3,  OR61S4CEWW3,  OR61S8CEWW2,  OR61S2CEWW3, BI453MDP - 80079-B, BI453E - 80152-B, BI453QASP - 80308-B, BI453DP - 80318-B, BI602ED - 87836, BI602R - 80148-C, BI602C - 80149-C - 80150-C, BI603MDE - 80080-B, BI603MDE1.5 - 80081-B, BI603MDE2 - 80082-B, BI603MDX - 80090-B, BI603QASE - 80141-B, BI603ED - 80142-B - 80143-B, BI603E - 80144-B - 80145-B, BI603CTE - 80146-B - 80147-B, BI603HN - 80151-B, BI603XC - 80154-B, BI603X - 80157-B - 80158-B, BI603X, BI603QASX - 80309-B, BI603QASE1.5 - 80310-B, BI603QASE2 - 80311-B, BI603DX - 80313-B, BI603DE - 80314-B, BI603DE1.5 - 80315-B, BI603DE2 - 80316-B, BI603MDE - 80345-B, BI603CE - 80366-B, BI603CE - 80367-B, OR61S2CE - 85262-A, OR61S4CE - 85261-A, OR61S8CE - 85260-A,  RA6102B,  RA6102FAW,  RA6102AW,  RA6102MAW,  RA6102MEWC,  RA6102MEWS,  RA6102MEDS,  RA6102MEW,  BI601G,  BI601E,  BI601X,  BI602C,  RA6102BC,  RA6102MAWS,  RA6102AW,  RA6102B,  RA6102MAW,  RA6102MEWC,  RA6102MEWS,  RA6102MEDS,  RA6102FAW,  RA6102MEW,  RA6102AWP,  BI601CTE,  BI601C,  BI601G,  BI601R,  BI601A,  BI601QASX,  BI601QAE,  BI601QAA,  BI601QASE,  RA6102AWC,  BI601QAE,  BI452R,  BI602R,  RA6102AWC,  BI601QAE,  BI452RRA6102AWC,  BI601QAE,  BI452R,  BI602C,  BI602CE,  BI452RE,  RA6102BC,  RA6102MAWS,  BI602HN, RA6102AW, RA6102AWC,  RA6102AWP,  RA6102B, RA6102BC, RA6102FAW, RA6102MAW, RA6102MAWS RA6102MEDS, RA6102MEW, RA6102MEWC, RA6102MEWS, RA6102AW RA6102AWP RA6102B RA6102FAW RA6102MAW RA6102MEDS RA6102MEW RA6102MEWC RA6102MEWS, BI600 SERIES, BI600E, BI600ED, BI600QASE, BI600QASE2, BI600CR, BI600S, RA6102, BI600, BI450, BI601 & BI451, BI602, BI452,  Paprika, Thyme, Pepper, Cinnamon, Sage, Tamarind, Saffron, Oregano,
  81551-A – OR60SDBSX2 FP,
81551-B – OR60SDBSX2 FP,
81552-A – OR60SDBGFX2 FP,
81552-B – OR60SDBGFX2 FP,
81571-A – OR120DDWGFX2 FP,
81571-B – OR120DDWGFX2 FP,
85041-A – OB60SCCX1 EL,
85042-A – OB60SCMW2 EL,
85043-A – OB60SCMX2 EL,
85044-A – OB60BCEW2 EL,
85224-A – OB60SLMRFRX2 EL,
85225-A – OB60SLMRFLX2 EL,
81477-A – OB60B77CEX3 FP,
81542-A – OB60B77CEX3 FP,
81547-A – OB60SCEX4 FP,
81548-A – OB60SLMFX4 FP,
81551-A – OB60SDBSX2 FP,
81551-B – OB60SDBSX2 FP,
81552-A – OR60SDBGFX2 FP,
81552-B – OR60SDBGFX2 FP,
81571-A – OR120DDWGFX2 FP,
81571-B – OR120DDWGFX2 FP,
85041-A – OB60SCCX1 EL,
85042-A – OB60SCMW2 EL,
80833-A – OR120DDWGFX2 FP,
80833-B – OR120DDWGFX2 FP,
80834-A – OR60SDBSX2 FP,
80834-B – OR60SDBSX2 FP,
80835-A – OR60SDBGFX2,
80835-B – OR60SDBGFX2,
80967-A – OB60SVMX5 FP,
80967-B – OB60SVMX5 FP,
80968-A – OB60SLEX1 FP,
81474-A – OB60B77CEW3 FP,
81475-A – OB60B77DEX3 FP,
81476-A – OB60DDEX4 FP,
80818-A – OB60SCEX4 FP,
80818-B – OB60SCEX4 FP,
80819-A – OB60S9DEX2 FP,
80819-B – OB60S9DEX2 FP,
80821-A – OB60B77CEW3 FP,
80821-B – OB60B77CEW3 FP,
80822-A – OB60B77DEX3 FP,
80822-B – OB60B77DEX3 FP,
80823-A – OB60DDEX4 FP,
80823-B – OB60DDEX4 FP,
80832-A – OB60B77CEX3 FP,
80832-B – OB60B77CEX3 FP,
80737-A – OB60B77DEM2 FP,
80738-A – 0B60B77DEX2 FP,
80740-A – OB60SLMFX3 FP,
80741-A – OB60SVMX3 FP,
80746-A – OB60B77CEX2 FP,
80811-A – OB60SLMFX4,
80812-A – OB60SVMX4 FP,
80812-B – OB60SVMX4 FP,
80814-A – OB60SCMW4 FP,
80815-A – OB60SCMX4 FP,
80817-A – OB60SCEW4 FP,
80817-B – OB60SCEW4 FP,
80706-A – OB60S9DEM1 FP,
80707-A – OB60S9DEX1 FP,
80726-A – OB60SCMW3 FP,
80727-A – OB60SCMX3 FP,
80728-A – OB60SCEW3 FP,
80729-A – OB60SCEX3 FP,
80731-A – OB60BCEX3 FP,
80732-A – OB60BDEX3 FP,
80733-A – OB60BDEM3 FP,
80734-A – OB60DDEX3 FP,
80735-A – OB60DDEM3 FP,
80736-A – OB60B77CEW2 FP,

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