Westinghouse Simpson Oven Door Hinge - 0045001083

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Part codes: 0045001083

Price is per hinge. Requires industrial strength adhesive to fit.

Required: White spirits, a clean rag, a 15mm chisel or big flat head screw driver to scratch old silicon from door frame.

Remove door inner panel and place on a soft surface, such as carpet or toweling. If a hinge is already loose, undo screws & remove. If hinge is still stuck to door, undo screws, carefully lift it by screw driver. Scrape off all glue, May need to clean surfaces with white spirits. Thoroughly dry off all traces of white spirit, using a dry, clean cloth. Extrude a bead of Silicon onto the door pan and immediately press hinge into place. Fasten screws. need 2 Hour to dry. Place weight on hinge & leave overnight, preferably 24 hours, for silicon to set. Alternatively, reassemble fit door to oven & ask customer to leave overnight before use.


4U600, 4U601, 4U602, 4U603, 4U604, 4U605, 4U606, 4U608, 4U609, 62H622, 62H636, 62H682, PAK804, PAK806, PAK808, EDEE, EOEE, EOEM, EUEE, PDN790S, PDN790W, PDN794S, PON663, PON667S, PON667W, PON668S, PON668W, PON783S, PAK130W, PAK558W, GUK512WNG, GUK527WNG

POP667S*02 POP667S*02
POP667W*02 POP667W*02
POP668W*02 POP668W*02
POP668S*02 POP668S*02
PXP698S*02 PXP698S*02
PXP698W*02 PXP698W*02
GOP474SLP*03 GOP474SLP*03
GOP474SNG*03 GOP474SNG*03
GOP474WLP*03 GOP474WLP*03
GOP474WNG*03 GOP474WNG*03
GOP476SLP*03 GOP476SLP*03
GOP476SNG*03 GOP476SNG*03
GOP476WLP*03 GOP476WLP*03
GOP476WNG*03 GOP476WNG*03
PGP659S*02 PGP659S*02
PDP790S*04 PDP790S*04
PDP790W*04 PDP790W*04
PGP659W*02 PGP659W*02
GSP627SLP*60 GSP627SLP*60
GSP627SNG*60 GSP627SNG*60
GOP474SLP*02 GOP474SLP*02
GOP474SNG*02 GOP474SNG*02
GOP474WLP*02 GOP474WLP*02
GOP474WNG*02 GOP474WNG*02
GOP476SLP*02 GOP476SLP*02
GOP476SNG*02 GOP476SNG*02
GOP476WLP*02 GOP476WLP*02
GOP476WNG*02 GOP476WNG*02
GOP474SLP*01 GOP474SLP*01
GOP474SNG*01 GOP474SNG*01
GOP474WLP*01 GOP474WLP*01
GOP474WNG*01 GOP474WNG*01
GOP476SLP*01 GOP476SLP*01
GOP476SNG*01 GOP476SNG*01
GOP476WLP*01 GOP476WLP*01
GOP476WNG*01 GOP476WNG*01
GXP650SLP*02 GXP650SLP*02
GXP650SNG*02 GXP650SNG*02
GXP650WLP*02 GXP650WLP*02
GXP650WNG*02 GXP650WNG*02
PDP794S*02 PDP794S*02
PDP794W*02 PDP794W*02
GSP627SLP*03 GSP627SLP*03
GSP627SNG*03 GSP627SNG*03
GXP650SLP*03 GXP650SLP*03
GXP650SNG*03 GXP650SNG*03
GXP650WLP*03 GXP650WLP*03
GXP650WNG*03 GXP650WNG*03
PDP790S*02 PDP790S*02
PDP790W*02 PDP790W*02
GGP475SLP*03 GGP475SLP*03
GGP475SNG*03 GGP475SNG*03
GGP475WLP*03 GGP475WLP*03
GGP475WNG*03 GGP475WNG*03
POP783S*02 POP783S*02
GXP650SLP*01 GXP650SLP*01
GXP650SNG*01 GXP650SNG*01
GXP650WLP*01 GXP650WLP*01
GXP650WNG*01 GXP650WNG*01
GGP475SLP*01 GGP475SLP*01
GGP475SNG*01 GGP475SNG*01
GGP475WLP*01 GGP475WLP*01
GGP475WNG*01 GGP475WNG*01
EOB305X 944031429
EOB307X 944031430
GGP475SLP*02 GGP475SLP*02
GGP475SNG*02 GGP475SNG*02
GGP475WLP*02 GGP475WLP*02
GGP475WNG*02 GGP475WNG*02

POP667S, POP667W POP668S POP668W POP667S*02 POP667W*02 POP668W*02 POP668S*02, PGP659S PGP659W PXP698S GSP627SLP, PXP698W, GSP627SNG, PXP698S*02 PXP698W*02 GOP474SLP, GOP474SNG, GOP474WLP, GOP474WNG GOP476SLP GOP476SNG GOP476WLP GOP476WNG, GOP474SLP*03 GOP474SNG*03 GOP474WLP*03, GOP474WNG*03, GOP476SLP*03, GOP476SNG*03 GOP476WLP*03, GOP476WNG*03 PGP659S*02 PDP790S*04, PDP790W*04 PGP659W*02, GSP627SLP*60 GSP627SNG*60 GOP474SLP*02, GOP474SNG*02 GOP474WLP*02, GOP474WNG*02, GOP476SLP*02, GOP476SNG*02 GOP476WLP*02 GOP476WNG*02 GGP475SLP GGP475SNG GGP475WLP, GGP475WNG, PDP794S PDP794W, GOP474SLP*01 GOP474SNG*01, GOP474WLP*01 GOP474WNG*01 GOP476SLP*01, GOP476SNG*01 GOP476WLP*01, GOP476WNG*01 GXP650SLP*02, GXP650SNG*02 GXP650WLP*02 GXP650WNG*02, PDP794S*02 PDP794W*02 PDP790W GXP650SLP, GXP650SNG, GXP650WLP GXP650WNG GSP627SLP*03 GSP627SNG*03 ,GXP650SLP*03 GXP650SNG*03 GXP650WLP*03 GXP650WNG*03 PDP790S*02 PDP790W*02 GGP475SLP*03, GGP475SNG*03 GGP475WLP*03 GGP475WNG*03 POP783S POP783S*02 GXP650SLP*01 GXP650SNG*01, GXP650WLP*01 GXP650WNG*01 GGP475SLP*01, GGP475SNG*01, GGP475WLP*01, GGP475WNG*01, EOB305X, 944031429, EOB307X, 944031430, GGP475SLP*02, GGP475SNG*02, GGP475WLP*02, GGP475WNG*02, PDP790S, PON668S, PON668W, EOC644S*40, EOC644W*40, EOC614S, EOC614W, EOC644W, EOC644S, EUEE63AS*40, EOEE62AS*47, EOEE63AS*47, EOC644S*04, EOC644W*04, EOC644W*32, EOEE62AS*40, EOEE63AS*40, EUEE63AS, EDEE63AS*42 EOEM61AS*42, EOEM61AS*47, EDEE63AS*47, EDEE63AS*40, EOC644S*43, EOEE62AS, EOEE63AS, EOEM61AS*40 ,EUEE63AS*46 EUEE63AS*38 EUEE63AS*41 EOEM61AS EDEE63AS EOEE62AS*39 EOEE63AS*39 EDEE63AS*39 EUEE63AS*39 EOEE62AS*41 EOEE63AS*41 EDEE63AS*41 EUEE63AS*42, 63H914S*42 63H914W*42 EOEE62AS*42 EOEE63AS*42 EOC644S*42 EOC644W*42, 63H914S*40 63H914W*40, EOB305X 944031429 EOB307X 944031430 63H914S 63H914W EOEM61AS*04 EOEK62AK 63H914S*04 63H914W*04 63H914W*32, EUEE63AS*47, PON667W PON668W POP667S POP667W POP668S POP668W POP667S*02 POP667W*02 POP668W*02, PON668, PON667, PON668S, POP668S*02, GON474WLP GON474WNG GON476WLP GON476WNG PON667W*40 PON668W*40 PXN698W PXN698W*32 PGP659S PGP659W PXP698S GSP627SLP PXP698W GSP627SNG PXP698S*02 PXP698W*02 GSN627SLP GSN627SNG GOP474SLP GOP474SNG GOP474WLP GOP474WNG GOP476SLP GOP476SNG GOP476WLP GOP476WNG PXN698W*40 PGN659S*40 PGN659W*40 GOP474SLP*03 GOP474SNG*03 GOP474WLP*03 GOP474WNG*03, GOP476SLP*03 GOP476SNG*03, GOP476WLP*03 GOP476WNG*03 PDN790S PDN790W PXN698W*38 GXN650WLP*38 GXN650WNG*38 PGP659S*02, PDP790S*04 PDP790W*04 PGP659W*02 GSP627SLP*60 GSP627SNG*60 PPN778W*46 GOP474SLP*02 GOP474SNG*02 ,GOP474WLP*02 GOP474WNG*02 PDN794S PDN794W GOP476SLP*02 GOP476SNG*02 GOP476WLP*02 GOP476WNG*02, GGP475SLP GGP475SNG GGP475WLP GGP475WNG PDP794S PDP794W PDN790S*40 PDN790W*40 PDN790S*04 PDN790W*04 PDN790W*32 GXN650WLP GXN650WNG GXN650WLP*32 GXN650WNG*32 GOP474SLP*01 GOP474SNG*01, GOP474WLP*01 GOP474WNG*01 GOP476SLP*01 GOP476SNG*01 GOP476WLP*01 GOP476WNG*01 GXP650SLP*02, GXP650SNG*02 GXP650WLP*02 GXP650WNG*02 PGN659S PGN659W PGN659W*32 PDP794S*02 PDP794W*02 PDP790W, GXP650SLP GXP650SNG GXP650WLP GXP650WNG GSP627SLP*03 GSP627SNG*03 GXP650SLP*03 GXP650SNG*03, GXP650WLP*03 GXP650WNG*03 PDP790S*02 PDP790W*02 PDN790W*38 PDN790S*38 GGP475SLP*03 GGP475SNG*03 GGP475WLP*03 GGP475WNG*03 PPN778W PON667S*04 PON667W*04 PON668S*04 PDN794S*04 PDN794W*04 PON668W*04 PDN794W*32 PON781S*04 PPN776W*04 PPN778W*04 PPN778W*32 PON667W*32 PPN778W*45 PON668W*32 PON781S*40 PON783S*40 PPN778W*37 POP783S POP783S*02 PPN778W*47 GXP650SLP*01 GXP650SNG*01 GXP650WLP*01 GXP650WNG*01 GON476SNG*04 GON476WNG*04 GON476WLP*04 GGP475SLP*01, GGP475SNG*01 GGP475WLP*01 GGP475WNG*01 GON474WNG*32 GON474WLP*32 GON476WNG*32 GON476WLP*32, PDN794S*40 PDN794W*40, GSN627SLP*33 GSN627SNG*33, GGN475SLP ,GGN475SNG, GGN475WLP, GGN475WNG, PON781S, PON783S PXN698W*04 GGP475SLP*02 GGP475SNG*02, GGP475WLP*02, GGP475WNG*02, GGN475WLP*32, GGN475WNG*32, PDP790S,

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