Bosch Dishwasher Detergent Soap Dispenser Lever Spring Kit - 210631 166630

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Part codes: 166630, 210631

Lever latch kit for dishwasher detergent soap dispenser.


SGS55M98AU/76 SGI4005AU/20 SGV69T15AU/01, SGV69T15AU/18, SGV69T15AU/13, ,SGD85E02AU/30,
SGD85E02AU/76, SGI33E25AU/21, SGI33E25AU/22, SGI33E25AU/23, SGI4002AU/12,
SGI4002AU/20, SGI4005/01, SGI4005/07, SGI4005/12, SGI4005/13, SGI4005/20, SGI4005AU/01,
SGI4005AU/07, SGI4005AU/12, SGI4005AU/13, SGI4005AU/20, SGI4305AU/07, SGI4305AU/12,
SGI4305AU/13, SGI43A45AU/43, SGI43A45AU/45, SGI43A45AU/56, SGI43A45AU/70,
SGS4072AU/31, SGS4072AU/36, SGS4302AU/07, SGS4302AU/12, SGS4302AU/13,
SGS4302EU/07, SGS4302EU/12, SGS4302EU/13, SGS4309/22, SGS4332/17, SGS4332AU/17,
SGS4332AU/30, SGS4332AU/41, SGS4332AU/43, SGS4332AU/49, SGS4352AU/17,
SGS4352AU/30, SGS4352AU/38, SGS43B42AU/43, SGS43B42AU/45, SGS43B42AU/56,
SGS44E32AU/21, SGS44E32AU/22, SGS46M62AU/01, SGS46M62AU/82, SGS46M62AU/86,
SGS46M62EU/01, SGS46M62EU/82, SGS46M72AU/01, SGS46M72AU/82, SGS46M72AU/86,
SGS46M78AU/01, SGS46M78AU/82, SGS46M78AU/86, SGS46M78AU/87, SGS5302AU/07,
SGS5302AU/12, SGS5302AU/13, SGS5305AU/07, SGS5305AU/12, SGS5305AU/13
SGS5332AU/30, SGS5332AU/41, SGS53A52AU/43, SGS53A52AU/45, SGS53A52AU/56,
SGS53E02AU/30, SGS53E02AU/76, SGS53E02AU/77, SGS53E62EU/21, SGS53E72AU/01,
SGS53E72AU/82, SGS53E72AU/86,, SGS55E42AU/01, SGS55E42AU/82,
SGS55E42AU/86, SGS4702AU, SGS4002AU

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