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Replacement Fridge Shelves NZ

Exploring our fridge trays and shelves? You're in the right place. We have many kinds to fit your fridge. Need to replace a broken shelf or want more space? Find top fridge and freezer shelves here. It's simple to shop with us. Keep your food well stored with our shelves and trays....

For the best fridge solutions, shop now. And remember, for your appliance spare needs, Steve's Appliance Spare is here to help.

Featured Fridge Shelves

Our collection offers a range of items, including specific fridge and freezer shelves for various models. The Smeg Fridge Door Shelf Middle is sturdy. It fits many models such as SR610XBL, and SR610NE. It's great for the middle or bottom part of the door.

Next, the Panasonic Fridge Door Bottle Lowest Shelf suits NR-BW415XSAU and other models. It keeps bottles safe on the door. Lastly, the Haier Fridge Middle or Upper Door Shelf works with several models like HRF454TS. You can place it in the middle or top of the door.

Check out our full range for more fridge or freezer needs.

Find Fridge Shelf Replacements for Any Fridge

Our collection boasts a wide range of fridge trays and freezer shelves designed to meet the highest standards of strength and reliability. Whether you own a newer model or are looking to find replacement fridge shelves NZ for an older fridge, our selection has got you covered.

Our collection fits many fridge models. We have shelves for new and old fridges. You can find what you need here.

Strong and Reliable Fridge Trays

Our shelves and fridge trays are made to last. They hold your food safely. We pick each shelf for its strength and quality.

Find Fridge Shelves Replacements in NZ

Got a fridge shelf that's seen better days? Dreaming of a fridge where you can actually see what food you've got? Or maybe you're just on a mission to claim the title of 'Most Organised Fridge in the Neighbourhood'? Whatever your fridge fantasy, we've got you covered. 

From door shelf replacements that make milk jug juggling a thing of the past, to freezer shelves that could bear the weight of your ice cream stash – we're all about keeping your cool stuff, well, cool and organised. 

For Samsung fridge shelves in NZ and more, our collection has it all. It's easy to buy fridge shelves here. Keep your food stored right with our shelves and trays. Shop now for the best fridge solutions.

Should you have any inquiries or need guidance in choosing the right fridge shelf replacement or fridge door shelf replacement, do not hesitate to reach out. Our team is here to help. If you have questions, just ask us. Get in touch with us at today.

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