Microwave Wave Guide

Our range of microwave wave guides at Steve Appliances Spare is pleased to have you here. We have a variety of wave guides for different microwave models. These parts are essential for your microwave to work correctly. They are made with quality materials and are affordable.

Why Our Microwave Wave Guides?

  1. Diverse Range: 

We have microwave wave guide cover for many microwave brands. Find the right one for your model. We have motors, lamps, and roller rings, for many microwave brands.

  1. High Quality: 

Our wave guides are durable. They last long and perform well.

  1. Good Prices: 

We offer these parts at fair prices. Get quality without spending too much.

  1. Simple to Install: 

You can install these wave guides easily. Instructions are clear and straightforward.

Products We Offer

  1. Universal Wave Guides: 

These fit in many microwave models. They are strong and reliable.

  1. Specific Brand Wave Guides: 

We have parts for brands like Samsung, LG, and Panasonic. They match these microwaves perfectly.

  1. Various Sizes: 

Our collection includes wave guides of different sizes. Find one that fits your microwave's interior.

Choosing the Right Wave Guide

  1. Know Your Microwave: 

Check your microwave’s model number. It helps in finding the correct wave guide.

  1. Size and Shape: 

Look at the size and shape of the wave guide. Make sure it matches your microwave.

  1. Installation Needs: 

Some wave guides are easier to install than others. Consider this when choosing.

Customer Help

If you have questions, contact us. We can help you find the right wave guide. We also offer installation tips.

Order and Shipping

Ordering is easy. Select the wave guide you need and add it to your cart. We ship fast and safely. Your new wave guide will arrive quickly.

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