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Start your fridge organization today. Look at our Fridge Bins & Drawers. They are great for keeping things neat. You can pick from many kinds of fridge bins and drawers. They help you find things fast. Don't forget to explore more options at Steve's Appliance Spare.

Quality and Variety

Wide Range for Every Fridge

Finds fridge drawers in NZ and beyond. We have options for all fridge models.

Durable Fridge Storage Solutions

Our fridge storage bins and drawers are strong and last long. They are perfect for daily use.

Featured Products

In our diverse collection, we have several notable items. One is the Samsung Fridge Top Vegetable Bin. It fits in the upper part of some Samsung fridges like the SRS691GDIS. Another item is the Samsung Fridge Upper Vegetable Bin Assembly. It's compatible with many models, including the Samsung RS552NRUASL/SA. Also, we offer the Samsung Fridge Left Lower Vegetable Bin. It's made for the lower left side in certain fridges, such as the RF56J9040SGSA. 

Our full range has many more options for your fridge or freezer needs.

Why Choose Our Bins and Drawers?

Right Fit for Your Fridge

Our bins and drawers are made to fit many fridges. You will find the right one for you.

Easy to Clean

Plastic fridge bins are simple to wash. They help keep your fridge clean and tidy.

Get What You Need Easily

Our website is easy to use. You can quickly find and buy what you need for your fridge.

Our Fridge Bins & Drawers collection is here to help you organize your fridge better. Check out our options and find the best fit for your fridge today.