You no longer have to resort to cheaper brands or unbranded parts for appliance parts solutions. I bring the best brands worldwide to your doorstep, with fast shipping and honest, prompt service. OEM is not required when you have original manufacturer parts available at your fingertips. This catalog grows each month and continues to offer a wide range of quality components to New Zealanders.

Appliances are important functions in our daily lives. It is paramount we ensure reliable, quality parts are used to maintain their life cycle, because they make ours that much easier.

Purchases support New Zealand manufacturing. You can find me on TradeMe too.

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In today's market, price seems to be all that matters.

Unfortunately, the race to the bottom comes with great consequence - loss of quality.

The appliance market has been heavily affected by this rationale and breakdowns are all too common.

I'm meeting you in the middle. Offering the best genuine original manufacturer parts at much more affordable prices, providing true excellent quality parts with significant savings for you, your customer or your family. Moreover, a genuine service to the market allowing for more reusing of appliances, increased chances of repair and personal customer care welcomed by many.

Buy quality. Buy original. Buy genuine. Quality starts here.

- Steven Watson, Steve's Appliance Spares

I'm here for you.

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