806890835 Smeg 1400W Fan Element ORIGINAL

Sale price$41.93 + Freight and GST



Genuine original replacement fan oven element to suit the Smeg models, including microwave combination ovens




SF4102MCB, SF4102MCN, SF4102MCS, SF4102MCSK, SF4104MCN, SF4104MCS, SF4106WMCS, SF4120MC, SF4120MCB, SF4120MCN, SF4120MCS, SF4140MC, SF4140MCB, SF4140MCN, SF4390MCX, SF4390MCX-AR, SF4390MCXK, SF4395MCX, SF4603MCNR, SF4603MCNX, SF4604MCNR, SF4604MCNRK, SF4604MCNX, SF4604PMCNR, SF4604PMCNX, SF4606WMCNR, SF4606WMCNX, SF4750MCAO, SF4750MCBS, SF4750MCOT, SF4750MCPO, SF4800MCA, SF4800MCAO, SF4800MCP, SF4800MCPO, SF4920MCB, SF4920MCB1, SF4920MCN, SF4920MCN1, SF4920MCP, SF4920MCP1, SF4920MCX, SF4920MCX1, SFA4104MCB, SFA4104MCN, SFA4104MCS, SFA4130MC, SFA4130MCB, SFA4130MCN, SFA4140MC, SFA4140MCB, SFA4140MCN, SFA4395MCX, SFA4604MCNR, SFA4604MCNX, SFA4920MCB, SFA4920MCN, SFA4920MCN1, SFA4920MCP, SFA4920MCX, SFP4102PZS, SFP4120, SFP4120PZ, SFP4390X, SFP4390XPZ, SFPA4390X

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