DC64-03197A Samsung Front Loader Washing Machine Door Seal Gasket ORIGINAL DC97-18852A

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Part code: DC64-03197A DC97-18852A   



Samsung Add Wash Models (8-9KG) please contact if unsure. 

WW90K6414QX (AU/EU suffix, doesn't matter, just origin of appliance / design)

WW90K6410QX/EU WW90K6410QW/EU WW90J6410CW/EU WW90J6410CX/EU WW80J6410CX/EU WW80K6414QW/EU WW80J6410CW/EU WW80K6414QX/EU WW90K6414QW/EU WW90K6414QX/EU WW90K6414QW/EU WW80J6410CX/EU WW80J6403EW/WS WW80K6404QW/EN WW80K6405SW/EN WW91K6404QW/EN WW90K6414QX/EU WW91J6400CW/EN WW80J6410CW/EU WW81K6404QW/EN WW90J6410CW/EU WW81J6400EW/EG WW80K6414QX/EU WW80J6403EW/EN WW80J6400CW/EN WW80J6410CW/LE WW90K6414QX/LE WW80J6413EW/EO WW80J6410CX/EO WW80K6414QW/EO WW80K6415SW/EO WW90J6413EW/EO WW90K6414QW/EO WW80K6414QX/EO WW90J6410CW/EO WW80J6410CW/EO WW80J6410CW/EC,WW80K6414QW/EC, WW80K6414QX/EC, WW90J6410CW/EC, WW90K6414QW/EC, WW80J6410CW/EC, WW80K6414QW/EC, WW80K6414QX/EC, WW90J6410CW/EC, WW90K6414QW/EC

NOTE: Please do not ask for availability prior to purchasing the part - if it is reported NLA, we will mark as not available. If we do not have the part in stock, we will immediately order from Samsung New Zealand. If the part is not available from Samsung New Zealand within a reasonable time, we will contact you with ETA and if you are not happy to wait we will kindly provide a full refund.

Standard shipping time frame for not in stock items is 5 days. We try to have minimum one unit in stock at all times.

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