Fisher & Paykel Dryer PCB Control Module Controller Power Board for Electronic Models ED56 DE - 427978P 427550P

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Part codes: 427978P, 427550P, 427550P, 427318, 427024

PCB Control Power Board for some Fisher & Paykel rear venting dryers, including ED56, ED55 and AeroSense models with DE prefix.


DE45F56E,ED55, ED56, ED56 & ED56, DE45, DE50F56E1, DE45F56E, DE50F56E1, ED56, DE45F56EW1 (93108-A), ED57 (93111-A), ED56 (93158-A), ED56 (93215-A), ED56, ED54U, ED56 (93215-B), ED56 (93158-B), ED56AUFP, ED55-U, ED56U, 

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