MSA182QL2H Samsung Fridge Freezer Compressor Assembly MK190QL2U E18

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Part codes: MK190QL2U/E18 MSA182QL2H/ASH

Must ONLY be installed by a registered & qualified refrigeration technician. 


Samsung SRF752DSS
Samsung SRS535NW
Samsung SRS585HDIS
Samsung SRS600NLS

RF26DBRS1XSA(Version 0000) RF26DBUS1XSA(Version 0000)
RF26NBRS1XSA(Version 0000) RF26NBUS1XSA(Version 0000)
RS21HDUBP1XSA(Version 0000) RS21HDUPN1XSA(Version 0000)
RS21HDUPN1XSA(Version 0001) RS21HDUPN1XSA(Version 0002)
RS21HDUPN1XSA(Version 0003) RS21HDUPN1XSA(Version 0004)
RS21HFUSL1XSA(Version 0000) RS21HNTSW1XSA(Version 0000)
RS21HNUPN1XSA(Version 0000) RS21HNUPN1XSA(Version 0001)
RS21HNUSL1XSA(Version 0000) RS21HNUSL1XSA(Version 0001)
RS21HNUSL1XSA(Version 0002) RS21HNUSL1XSA(Version 0003)
RS23HDURS1XSA(Version 0000) RS23HNURS1XSA(Version 0000)
RSE8KPUS1XSA(Version 0000) RF26DEUS2XSA(Version 0000)


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