Smeg Oven Cooktop Knob - 694975086 ORIGINAL 694971699

Sale price$24.99 + Freight and GST


Original Part

Part codes: 694975086, 694971699, 694975142

Commonly used for Smeg ovens & Gas Cooktops. Please ensure you're matching by model as theres various versions of these knobs.


3860, 3C85XT, 3C85XT/A, 72MFX5, A1-2, A1-5, A1-6, A1-7, A1.1, A1.1K, A11A-5, A11A-6, A11CER-5, A11CER-6, A11CER, A11X-5, A11X-6, A11X-7, A11X, A11XLP, A1A-2, A1A-5, A1A-6, A1A.1, A1AD-2, A1AD-5, A1AD.1, A1AU6, A1B.1, A1C-2, A1C-5, A1C-6, A1C-7, A1CA-2, A1CA-5, A1CA-6, A1CXU6, A1D-2, A1D-5, A1D-6, A1D-7, A1D.1, A1DA-6, A1DA-7, A1DNA-7, A1G.1, A1K-5, A1K-6, A1P-2, A1P-5, A1P-6, A1P-9, A1P.1, A1PU6, A1PYID-6, A1PYID-7, A1XCU6, A1XU6, A2-2, A2-5, A2-6, A2-8, A2, A21X-5, A21X-6, A2A-2, A2A-5, A2A-6, A2A, A2AD-5, A2AD, A2C-5, A2C-6, A2D-5, A2D-6, A2D-8, A2D, A2DA-6, A2EA, A2PY-6, A2PY-8, A2PYID-6, A2PYID-8, A2Y-6, A3-2, A3-5, A3-6, A3-7, A3, A31X-5, A31X-6, A31X-7, A3A-2, A3A-5, A3A, A3AD-5, A3D-5, A3D-6, A3D-7, A3D, A3DA-6, A3SX, A3XU6, A4-5, A4-6, A4-8, A41C-5, A41D-5, A42-5, A42-6, A42A-5, A42C-5, A42C-6, A42D-5, A5-5, A5-6, A5-8, A5D-5, A5D-6, B102MFX5, B70CMSX5, B70MFX5, B70MSX5, B71MFX5, B71MFXBE5, B71MFXE5, B71MPX5, B71MXBE5, B72MFX5, B90CMSX5, B90MFX5, B90MSX5, C113GMX, C113GMX9, C6CMX8, C6CMXA8, C6GGXU, C6GMLI, C6GMNNL, C6GMNNL8, C6GMX, C6GMX8, C6GMXA8, C6GMXD, C6GMXD8, C6GMXI, C6GMXI8-1, C6GMXI8-2, C6GMXI8, C6GMXNL, C6GMXNL8, C6GMXNLB, C6GMXNLB8, C6GVXA8, C6GVXBE, C6GVXBE8, C6GVXI, C6GVXI8-2, C6GVXI8, C6IMX8, C6IMXI8-2, C6IMXI8, C6IPX9, C7GMXA8, C7GMXI, C7GMXI8-1, C7GMXI8-2, C7GMXI8, C7GMXNL, C7GMXNL8, C7GPX, C7GPX8, C7GVXA, C7GVXA8, C7GVXI, C7GVXI8-2, C7GVXI8, C85XTV, C85XTV/A, C8GGXK, C8GMXI-1, C8GMXI-2, C8GMXI, C8GMXNL, C8GMXNL1, C8GVXI-1, C8GVXI-2, C8GVXI, C90GMXA, C90GMXNL, C90GMXNL1, C91GMX, C91GMXAT, C91GMXI-1, C91GMXI-2, C91GMXI, C91GMXNL, C91GVXA-1, C91GVXA, C91GVXI-1, C91GVXI-2, C91GVXI, C91GVXSA, C92DX, C92DX8, C92GMNNL, C92GMNNL8, C92GMX, C92GMX8, C92GMXNL, C92GMXNL8, C92GPX, C92GPX8, C92IPX, C92IPX8, C9CIMX, C9CMX, C9CMX1, C9CMXA, C9GGSSA-1, C9GGSSA, C9GGXU, C9GMANL, C9GMANL1, C9GMB, C9GMB1, C9GMBA, C9GMBNL, C9GMBSSA, C9GMLI, C9GMN, C9GMN1, C9GMNA, C9GMNNL, C9GMNNL1, C9GMPSSA, C9GMR, C9GMR1, C9GMRNL, C9GMRSSA, C9GMX, C9GMX1, C9GMXA, C9GMXD, C9GMXD1, C9GMXI, C9GMXNL, C9GMXNL1, C9GMXNLB, C9GMXNLB1, C9GMXSSA, C9GMXU, C9GVXBE-1, C9GVXBE, C9GVXI, C9GVXNL, C9IMX-1, C9IMX-2, C9IMX, C9IMXA, CA854V, CB60CSV8, CB60EMS5, CB60MSE8, CB61VMS-5, CB91GL, CC62MFX5, CC92MFX5, CC92MFX6, CC92MX8, CC92MX9, CE65GA, CE65GX, CE6CMX, CE6GMLI, CE6GPX, CE6GPXU, CE6IMX, CE6IPX, CE854GA, CE854GX, CE92CMX, CE92GPX, CE92IMX, CE92IPX, CE9CMX, CE9CMXA, CE9GMLI, CE9IMX, CE9IMXA, CG90B, CG90IX, CG90N, CG90RW, CG90RW1, CG90X, CG92N, CG92N8, CG92N9, CG92PX8, CG92PX9, CG92RW9, CG92X, CG92X8, CG92X9, CI54, CI54/A, CI54V, CI54V/A, CI65, CI65/A, CI65MF, CI65MFV, CIA65, CIE65, CIE65/1, CIE65/1/A, CIE65MF, CIV65, CIV65/A, CIX64MS, CN61MF-5, CP60IX, CP60IX8, CP60IX9, CP60X, CP60X6, CP60X7, CP60X8, CP60X9, CS120-5, CS120-6, CS120-7, CS120, CS120A-5, CS120A-6, CS120BE-5, CS120NL-5, CS120NL-6, CS120NL-7, CS120NL, CS120NLA5, CS120NLA6, CS122-5, CS122-6, CS15-5, CS150-5, CS150-6, CS150-8, CS150NL-5, CS150NL-6, CS150NL-8, CS150SA, CS19-2, CS19-5, CS19-6, CS19-7, CS19/1, 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