Floor tools for Electrolux vacuum cleaners in NZ come in a range of different options. So, if you are looking for a replacement, you have come to the right place.

Selecting the correct floor tool for your Electrolux vacuum is crucial. It ensures effective cleaning and protects your floors. This guide helps you choose the best tool for your vacuum in New Zealand.

Read on to learn more about the various floor tools for Electrolux vacuums in NZ to make sure you order the correct one.

Standard Carpet And Bare Floor Tool

Most Electrolux vacuums in NZ come standard with a combination carpet and bare floor vacuum head. It is suitable for cleaning carpets, mats and hard floors. They will be equipped with a switch or button that allows you to change from hard floor to carpet mode. It will have a retractable brush or wheels to use on hard floors to prevent any damage.

Speciality Tools For Hard Floors

Some Electrolux machines in NZ have a floor head specifically designed for use on hard floors only. They commonly have wheels to prevent damage to the floor. They come in versions for wet or dry use.

Turbo Floor Tools For Electrolux Vacuums In NZ

These lightweight floor tools give a deeper, better clean than the standard floor head. They are great on carpets for cleaning up dirt, animal hair, animal dander, allergens and dust mites.

The more powerful the motor on your vacuum, the more effective this tool will be.

Power Floor Tools For Electrolux Vacuums In NZ

These specialised heads are even more effective than their turbo cousins. By beating the carpet fibres, an even deeper cleaning can be achieved. The tool has its own motor and does not only rely on the strength of your vacuum’s motor. 

They are heavy and more complicated to change than other floor tools. Power floor tools are not available for all Electrolux models in NZ.

Choosing The Correct Size For Your Model

Before ordering your floor tool, be sure to check the neck size by measuring the inside diameter of the neck of your tool. Standard sizes are 32, 35 and 38mm, but there are other options too. Do a quick measurement before placing your order to make sure that it will fit your machine.

Factors to Consider

Floor Type: Choose based on your most common floor surface.

Vacuum Model: Ensure compatibility with your Electrolux model.

Cleaning Needs: Consider special requirements like pet hair removal.

Where to Buy in NZ

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