The internet is saturated (pun intended) with information on water filters, so Steve’s Appliance team put together some research on water filters in Tauranga to separate the nonsense from the truth. 

One thing is a fact: water filtration is important. You can never guarantee that the water you drink will always be free of harmful minerals or contaminants.

Basic Benefits Of Water Filters in Tauranga

If your water source is the city mains, then you should be planning a water filter installation. You will get:

  • Water that tastes and smells better
  • Chlorine (and Trihalomethanes), chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals and aluminium, naturally occurring arsenic and bacteria are removed.
  • Health benefits of:
    • Reduced risk of rectal, colon or bladder cancer
    • Reduced risk of bladder and skin cancer
    • Reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease, learning disabilities in children, skin problems and liver disease
    • Increased rate of absorption of water molecules and nutrients by our bodies

Water Filter Methodologies in Tauranga

Here is an overview of the different types of water filters that are available globally. 

Activated Alumina

This method uses a dense bed of activated alumina aggregate. Contaminants, fluoride, arsenic and selenium are absorbed, but it requires monitoring, so it is not ideal for residential use.

Activated Carbon

Carbon filters are made from bituminous coal, peat or coconut shells, and they absorb contaminants. Carbon also catalyses some contaminants.

Reverse Osmosis

Water is force-filtered through a membrane, removing chemicals. This system is very effective as it filters up to an ionic level of 0.001 microns. This will remove chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides and 99% of contaminants. A separate storage tank is needed to receive the filtered water and a waste line connection. They are easily installed by plumbers.

UV Water Purifier

This system uses ultra-violet light to kill microorganisms as water passes through the UV element. It is best used with a reverse osmosis filter to capture particles and not only kill bacteria and viruses. 

Water Filter Types in Tauranga

You can get filters in pitchers, faucet connections, countertop filters, under-counter filters and full house system filters. The full house system separates bacteria, protozoa, sediments, lead, and asbestos but can cost upwards of $500. You do get top of the range filtration from this system.


The final choice is usually driven by budget. Start where you can and save up for upgrades. Grab a Brita and keep filtered water in the jug in your fridge. Move on to a benchtop or under-bench reverse osmosis filter, which is efficient and affordable. The former is portable. 

When you’re ready, upgrade to the full house system and enjoy filtered water from every single tap. After all, your skin is your biggest organ and spends a lot of time under a shower!

Any more questions about water filters in Tauranga? Call Steve’s Appliance team. We’d love to help you.