Bearings sound unexciting, and most people in NZ know they have something to do with turning or spinning, but are they really vital for a machine? Let’s look at what they do so you can gain a better perspective on their role.

Bearings NZ 101

Bearings are the ‘bread and butter’ of rotation in the mechanical ‘things’ of the world. They assist with rotation and support the rotation shaft to elicit smooth rotation.

You will find bearings equipment that is inside motor cars, airplanes, generators, turbines, gears, rotors, washing machines, tumble dryers, air conditioners, microwaves, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, heat pumps, skateboards, roller skates, and the list goes on. And so on. 

Every rotating shaft in every part of every machine needs bearings…so you could say they are very important in the world

What Do They Do?

Describing their role as ‘helping things go round’ doesn’t sound very profound. It’s the physics of that movement that makes the role of bearings important. 

Bearings perform two crucial roles:

  1. They reduce the amount of friction, which: reduces heat

    1. Reduces wear and tear

    2. Reduces energy consumption

    3. Increases the smoothness of the rotation

  2. They supply protection to the rotating shaft and keep it in the perfect position. There is significant force and tension between a rotating shaft and the part being rotated (shaft and propeller for example). 

    1. Bearings prevent the force and tension from tearing the two components apart.

    2. Bearings deal with the forces that would otherwise push or pull the rotating shaft into an incorrect position, keeping the shaft in the optimal position.

    3. These two aspects allow machines to be used again and again and give them a longer lifespan. This saves time, money and resources as well as reduces landfill volumes.

Impact of Bearing Quality on Machinery Performance

High-quality bearings are precision-engineered. They reduce friction effectively. This leads to smoother operation and higher efficiency in machinery. They are made to strict standards. This ensures they can handle the demands of their use. This precision means less energy is wasted on friction. This results in better performance. It also reduces operational costs.

Prolonging Lifespan

The durability of bearings affects the lifespan of machinery. High-quality bearings are made from superior materials. They can withstand higher loads. They operate under challenging conditions without failing. This resilience ensures machinery runs longer. It also means more reliable operation. There is less downtime for repairs or replacements.

Maintaining and Replacing Bearings

Proper maintenance is crucial. It extends the life and performance of bearings. Maintenance includes regular cleaning. It also includes lubrication. And it includes inspection for wear or damage. Establish a routine maintenance schedule. This can prevent unexpected machinery downtime. It also prolongs the operational life of bearings. And it prolongs the life of the machinery they support.

Increasing Durability

With reduced wear and tear, bearings increase machinery durability. This leads to less maintenance. It also means fewer replacements. And it results in more reliable operation across applications.

Understanding bearing types and functions is fundamental. It helps us appreciate their role in machinery. As we learn more, it becomes clear. Bearings are integral to machinery's smooth operation. And to its longevity. They are vital in many industries.

Recycling and Reusing

Another aspect of sustainability is the end-of-life handling of bearings. Recycling used bearings can reduce waste. It can also reduce resource consumption. Some manufacturers offer recycling programs. Suppliers may offer these programs, too. They take back used bearings. Then, they recycle or refurbish them. This is important for businesses. Especially those wanting to reduce their environmental footprint.

So, Bearings Are Important?

Bearings are very important. As an example, in just one car, there is a minimum of 100 bearings.  So you could say that bearings make the world go round? Well at least we can definitely say that our high-maintenance lives of convenience would be VERY inconvenienced if there were no bearings around.

Imagine a world with hand-powered paddles for washing machines with metal rubbing against metal for hours and days. Or those iconic hand-powered mangles for squeezing the water out of your clothes.

Doesn’t your washing machine and its fabulous spin cycles look like royalty now?  And then there’s the dishwasher and refrigerator. Those bearings might look like a worthwhile Christmas by now. So, the next time you see a bearing, you will now know how hard it’s working and how crucial it is! Choose the bearings for your appliances and machines in NZ.


Bearings are fundamental. They ensure smooth and efficient machinery operation. They support New Zealand's industries. This includes agriculture and manufacturing. Bearings play a critical role. They affect the equipment's performance and longevity. High-quality bearings are investments. Coupled with regular maintenance, they lead to reduced downtime. They also lower costs. And they enhance productivity.

For businesses and individuals, understanding bearing quality is important. It is not just technical. It is a strategic decision. Investing in superior bearings and maintenance ensures machinery longevity. It also contributes to sustainability and efficiency. We rely on complex machinery in various aspects of life and industry. Let's recognize the role of bearings. And let's commit to maintaining them. This will ensure the smooth running of our world.