You might be one of the vacuum cleaner owners who rarely use the accessories that come with every vacuum cleaner in NZ so today’s article is about encouraging you to try them out! We’re certain you’ll love the results so we are sharing information about these tools that will take your cleaning to a whole new level! Read on and enjoy. 

The Common Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

The most common vacuum cleaner accessory sets that accompany the purchase of top brand machines are the chamfer-nosed crevice tool, the dusting brush and a round, pressure dissipating upholstery brush. Here is how you can leverage their use to maximize your vacuuming results:

The Chamfer-Nosed Crevice Tool

This is possibly the most used and useful of the vacuum cleaner accessories which is most likely why nearly every manufacturer packages it with its machines upfront. The chamfered nose of the crevice tool is combined with a cleverly angled business end. The angled end has additional angles to the cross-section to ensure the tool slides into tricky spaces and doesn’t catch or stick. No confined space or slim edge can escape this tool.

You should switch your regular floor brush for the crevice tool when cleaning:

  • Skirting boards and toe kick boards
  • Thin edges (e.g. step edges)
  • Between chair cushions
  • Under low furniture
  • Inside bedroom cupboards
  • Any other difficult-to-access spaces.

The Dusting Brush Tool

The softer brush option of a dusting brush tool is ideally suited for friction-sensitive and distortion-sensitive areas. Scratching and misalignment may occur if you use your crevice tool or bare-ended hose for these situations. 

You should switch to your dusting brush tool when cleaning:

  • Windowsills
  • 2 Pack polyurethane sprayed cabinet tops, shelves, etc.
  • Roman blinds
  • Vertical blinds
  • Venetian blinds
  • Shutters
  • Lampshades and pendant shades

It is important to note that some brands have two dusting brushes, one being soft and useful in the above sensitive scenarios and another that is a tougher bristled option. The latter is for detailed work on dry mud and similar situations. It is not for sensitive items.

The Upholstery Nozzle Tool

This vacuum accessory is wider than your naked hose end and looks more like a tiny version of your standard floor vacuum head. These tools usually have integrated lint collector pads as well and are perfect for lifting up all sorts of dirt from your furniture.

You should switch to your upholstery tool when cleaning:

  • Cushions
  • Chairs
  • Couches
  • Fabric blinds
  • Mattresses
  • Headboards
  • Carpeted stairs (in the absence of a turbo tool)

Other Vacuum Accessories

There is a diverse range of additional accessories that help you improve your cleaning results, for example:

The Turbo Brush Tool

This hardworking tool is a must for pet owners. Pet hair has a way of finding its way onto and into everything so this tool, with its rotating brush, will lift pet dander and hair along with dirt that has been carried in. 

You should switch to your turbo brush tool when cleaning:

  • Furniture that has pet residue on them
  • Dog beds
  • Carpeted stairs

It is important to note that you should not use this tool in sensitive situations like cleaning delicate material. 

And The List Goes On

You can also use:

  • Hard Floor Sweeper Tools
  • Flexible Crevice Tools
  • Extension Wands
  • Extension Hoses
  • Mattress Tools

Advanced Cleaning Techniques

Check out the latest advanced cleaning techniques for vacuum cleaners.

Using the Crevice Tool:

The crevice tool is thin and angled. It reaches tight spots. Use it along skirting boards and under furniture. It helps in cleaning edges and corners effectively. You'll remove dust and debris from places often missed.

Dusting Brush

This tool is soft-bristled. It's safe for delicate surfaces. Use it on window sills, blinds, and lampshades. The dusting brush gently removes dust without scratching. It is great for shelves and picture frames, too.

Upholstery Tool

This tool is wide. It has a fabric strip. Use it on furniture, mattresses, and carpeted stairs. The upholstery tool picks up lint and hair. It is ideal for refreshing soft surfaces. Quick passes rejuvenate fabrics.

Specialty Tools for Enhanced Cleaning

Some tools are specially designed to enhance the cleaning processes. Take a look at it.

Hard Floor Tools

These tools are for tiles and hardwood. They avoid scratching. The design ensures safe and effective cleaning. They pick up fine dust and debris. Use them for an impeccable finish on all hard flooring.

Mattress Tools

Mattress tools extract dust mites and allergens. They are for regular mattress cleaning. The tool is designed to penetrate fabric surfaces. It ensures a deep clean. Regular use maintains a clean and healthy sleeping environment.

Optimizing Tool Use for Efficiency

It is important to optimize tools for better efficiency and performance of vacuum cleaners. Let's discuss some of the common ways to optimize it.

Switching Tools for Different Surfaces:

Know when to switch tools. Use the crevice tool for edges and tight spots. The dusting brush is for delicate areas. The upholstery tool is for fabrics. Use the right tool for each surface. This ensures thorough cleaning and protects surfaces.

Maintenance Tips

Clean tools after use. Check for blockages regularly. Wash filters as needed. Store tools properly. This care extends their life. It ensures that they are ready for the next use. Proper maintenance keeps your vacuum working well.


Effective cleaning is about using the right tools for specific tasks. Each accessory, from the crevice tool to the turbo brush, has a unique role in maintaining a clean home. Switching between these tools as needed ensures thorough cleaning across various surfaces. Regular maintenance of these tools is essential. It prolongs their life and keeps your vacuum functioning efficiently. By understanding and applying these techniques, you'll optimize your cleaning routine, enhance the cleanliness of your home, and get the most out of your vacuum. Whatever vacuum cleaner accessories you need in NZ, we will have a solution for you. Call today!