The team at Appliance Spares, and all our suppliers, know that CO2 emissions are harmful to the environment. Carbon footprint reduction actions are in our strategies and daily mindfulness. Our suppliers like Nilfisk NZ are taking practical, effective steps to reduce their carbon footprints. Here are simple transferable actions for businesses and homeowners to consider in their daily processes:

Energy Consumption

Identify which part of your factory, warehouse, store or home consumes the most energy. Knowing the “hot spots” means you can manage usage more effectively.

Consumption Reduction

A lot of energy consumption is ‘wastage’. Multiples of small actions compound daily to create big results e.g. switch off lights and PCs or switch off equipment, at the wall, that doesn’t need to be on standby (e.g. a domestic microwave or specific manufacturing equipment). 

Water Consumption

Manufacturing frequently requires large volumes of water e.g. cooling and cleaning as do certain domestic activities. Identify wastage “hot spots”, initiate greywater solutions, use shorter cycles & install a filtration system to diversify greywater usage.

Encourage Eco-Commuting

Incentivise staff to commute via cycling, e-biking, public transport or car-pooling - this might require schedule changes. In some cities, ninety per cent of “school runs” are single household loads so households should carpool to school.


Initiate professionally-designed logistics and switch to local (or closer) suppliers. Homeowners can plan multiple tasks per trip as well as avoid daily trips to shops - walk to the shop to benefit you and the planet.

Green Energy

Renewable energy must climb your priority list. There are options to buy and lease equipment so it is more accessible for businesses and homes.


This is a fundamental action that started 15 years ago so you should have a comprehensive recycling program in place at work and at home.

Packaging Reduction

Packaging reduction is cost-saving whilst saving the planet. Homeowners can use Tupperware instead of plastic wrap, a fabric napkin instead of a paper one and a reusable coffee mug from your favourite brewster.


Nilfisk NZ is one of our suppliers who are taking big action. Their CEO, Torsten Türling, stated last year,”... we have formulated a five-year business plan focusing on enabling long-term sustainable growth. One of the strategic priorities in this plan focuses on leading the industry with sustainable products and solutions. …we will provide upgrades to our current products and services to help reduce [our] carbon footprint…”  

Türling explains further,”...we have enhanced our commitment to ambitious carbon emission reductions by 2030. We have set near-term emission reduction targets linked to the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi), reducing greenhouse gas emissions from direct and indirect purchased energy sources, and from the use of sold products.”

The Appliance Spares team is proud of suppliers like Nilfisk NZ who are helping green NZ’s future. Get your low carbon footprint spares today! contact us.