Parts Manual for  75300K-mn/941054474

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Item Part No. Description
001 A374335000 Glass plate,ceramic glass,630
002A A374323500 Gasket
002B A374293401 Sealing,rad. protection
003 A374290417 Decor frame,inox
030A A374290300 Fastening set
031 A374292900 Connection cable,assy
059 A374009902 Spring,suspension,plate
060H A374003428 Radiant element.,RHL1,140mm,1200W,230V
066 A374003436 Radiant element.,2-circle,170/265mm,2400W,230V
081 No Longer Available Sleeve
086 A374293604 Electronic
087H A374290151 Heater element,120/175/210mm
306 A319390300 Terminal board,5P
999 A374319319 Instructions for use,DE/GB