Parts Manual for HK874400FB 949595198

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Pos Part No. Matrix Description
001 5615772117 A Cooking top black AEG 780 x 520
003 3300362062 A User interface board,configured,Raven
006 5615681003 A Lighting,PCB,red
007 5613766202 A Carrier,user interface board,silicone
007A 5616905005 A Support,user interface board,Raven
012 3572496549 A Coil,induction,complete,210mm
032D 5615686002 A Power board,light
032R 3300362302 A Module,induction,configured,Cheetach
Up to serial no.305xxxxx
032R 3300362781 A Module,induction,configured,Cheetach Rev.I
From serial no.306xxxxx
036 4055064044 A Fan assembly,TIGER/CHEETAH/LION
037 5612203025 A Connection box,complete,Cheetah
999 3877299002 A Harness,power board,BC4 <-> BC4
999 5616650007 A Harness,user interface board,power board,XC02 <-> BP01/999 5616651005 A Harness,user interface board,XC02<->XC02