Parts Manual for EMB2523DSE 95600621100

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Pos Part No. Matrix Description
A01 50282056006 A B C Cover plate,mica,T=0.35mm 118*99mm
B02 4055288643 A B C Leg
B31 4055733937 A B C Power cord
C00 4055852711 A - - Control panel,assembly
C00 4055852802 - B C Control panel,assembly
C01 4055852729 A - - Control panel,with,Membrane
C01 4055852810 - B C Control panel,with,Membrane
C07 4055666699 A B C Button,door opener
C11 4055852737 A B C Knob,dial
C15 4055852745 A B C Knob,Cover
C20 4055852752 A B C Push button
C35 4055852760 A B C Push button board
C61 4055852778 A B C Membrane,decoration,Open button
C71 4055852786 A B C Display board
D00 4055852794 A - - Door assembly complete,Electrolux
D00 4055852828 - B C Door assembly complete,AEG
E01 4055064564 A B C Magnetron,2M219J 945W
E05 4055733929 A B C High voltage transformer,240V50HZ
E06 4055109062 A B C High voltage capacitor,CH85 1.05 2100V
E07 4055418026 A B C High voltage diode,CL01-12 0.35
E10 4055366902 A B C Filter,assembly
E13 4055411443 A B C Lamp,led,240 1W
E36 4055472429 A B C Thermostat,160/95V
L00 4055733960 A B C Interlock,assembly
T01 4055494688 A B C Main motor,rotating plate
T02 50282071005 A B C Shaft,motor,rotating plate
T03 4055108981 A B C Ring,rotating plate,complete
T04 4055559076 A B C Turntable,glass
W00 4055733978 A B C Fan assembly
W21 4055252136 A B C Bracket,accessory,mounting components