Parts Manual for RS694V*01

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200A 3581JA8593D Door Assembly Freezer 1
201A 3581JA8561T Door Freezer Foam 1
202A 4987JA1022T Gasket Assembly, Door 1
203A 4621JA3002E Stopper Assembly, Door 1
205B 3806JA1055B Deco, Handle 1
205C 3807JA0001B Deco Assembly, Door 1
205E 3650JA1108F Handle, Bar 1
205F 4930JA0001A Holder, Handle 1
205G 4930JA0001B Holder, Handle 1
205H 3806JA1056A Deco, Holder 1
205J 3806JA1056B Deco, Holder 1
206A 5079JA2116A Cap Deco Assembly, F 1
206C 5078JA0032A Cap Deco, F 1
206E 4890JA1004G Glass, Deco Door 1
206F 4890JA1006G Glass, Deco Door 1
210A 5004JD1101G Basket, Door 1
210B 5004JD1101D Basket, Door 1
210C 5004JD1101H Basket, Door 2

147A 5074JA1008A Bank, Dairy 1
147B 3390JA1086A Tray, Egg 1
147C 3550JA1077A Cover, Bank 1
205B 3806JA1055B Deco, Handle 1
205D 3807JA0001A Deco Assembly, Door 1
205E 3650JA1108F Handle, Bar 1
205F 4930JA0001A Holder, Handle 1
205G 4930JA0001B Holder, Handle 1
205H 3806JA1056A Deco, Holder 1
205J 3806JA1056B Deco, Holder 1
206B 5079JA2117A Cap Deco Assembly, R 1
206D 5078JA0031A Cap Deco, R 1
206G 4890JA1007G Glass, Deco Door 1
230A 3581JA8622E Door Assembly, F 1
231A 5433JA8357N Door Foam Assembly, R 1
232A 4987JA1022U Gasket Assembly, Door 1
233A 4621JA3002H Stopper Assembly, Door 1
239A 1442341 Badge (Westinghouse) 1
240A 5004JD1101E Basket, Door 2
240C 5004JD1101F Basket, Door 2
241A 3550JA1104B Cover, Tray 1
241B 5004JD1101A Basket, Door 1
243A 4974JA2055A Guide, Bottle 2

101A 3650JA3041J Handle, Back 1
103A 4779JA3001D Leg Assembly, Adjust 1
105B 3550JA0064A Cover, Lower 1
120B 5027JA2041F Shelf Assembly, F 2
120C 5027JA2036C Shelf Assembly, F 1
125A 3391JA1053B Tray Assembly, Drawer 1
128C 4974JA1043A Guide, Rail 1
128D 4974JA1043B Guide, Rail 1
130A 3550JA1113A Cover, Lamp 1
135A 3531JA2013E Grille Assembly, Fan 1
135B 3531JA2015F Grille Assembly, Fan 1
136A 5901JA1011A Fan Assembly 1
136B 4810JA2055A Bracket, Motor 1
136C 5040JA2009B Rubber, Motor-F 1
136D 5040JA2004B Rubber, Motor-F 1
137A 4999JA2019D Shroud Assembly, F 1
137B 4999JA2014A Shroud Assembly, F 1
152A 3550JA2035D Cover, Sensor 1
270A 3550JA1186A Cover, Hinge 1
271A 4775JA2049A Hinge Assembly, U 1
271B 4510JA3004A Lever, Hinge 1
272A 4775JA2056C Hinge Assembly, L 1
302B 5421JA1124F Evaporator Assembly 1
312A 3391JA2016B Tray Assembly, Drain 1
312A 5040JA3073A Rubber, Seat 1
400A 6615JB2002R Controller Assembly 1
401A 6912JB2004E Lamp,[Incandescent] 1
402A 6600JB1004A Switch,[Push] 1
403A 4681JB1017D Motor Assembly, Ref Fan 1
408A 5300JB1092B Heater, Sheath 1
NI 5070JA3002F Skirt, Lower 1
NI 5070JA3002G Skirt, Lower 1
NI 5070JA3002J Skirt, Lower 1
NI 5070JA3002D Skirt, Lower 1

101B 3650JA3041K Handle, Back 1
103A 4779JA3001D Leg Assembly, Adjust 1
115A 4995JA1030N Control Box Assembly, R 1
115B 4994JA0014A Control Box, R 1
116A 5209JA1011E Duct Assembly, Insulation 1
140A 5027JA1083A Shelf Assembly, R 1
141A 5027JA1087B Shelf Assembly, R 1
146A 5035JA2001A Wine Rack 1
150A 3550JA1207A Cover, Lamp 1
151A 3550JA2106A Cover, Duct 1
152A 3550JA2035D Cover, Sensor 1
155A 3111JA2007B Case Assembly, Dispenser 1
160A 3391JA1067A Tray Assembly, Vegetable 1
161A 3551JA1044B Cover Assembly, T/V 1
161C 4986JA3005C Gasket, Cover Tray 1
161D 4986JA3007C Gasket, Cover Tray 1
162A 4975JA2012A Guide Assembly, Rail 1
162B 4975JA2012B Guide Assembly, Rail 1
165A 3391JA1066A Tray Assembly, Vegetable 1
166A 3551JA1026P Cover Assembly, Tray 1
166B 4986JA3005D Gasket, Cover Tray 1
166C 4986JA3005B Gasket, Cover Tray 1
170A 3391JA1096A Tray Assembly, Snack 1
177A 4975JA2022A Guide Assembly, Rail 1
177B 4975JA2022B Guide Assembly, Rail 1
270B 3550JA1186B Cover, Hinge 1
271B 4510JA3004A Lever, Hinge 1
271C 4775JA2050A Hinge Assembly, U 1
272B 4775JA2056D Hinge Assembly, L 1
401A 6912JB2004E Lamp,[Incandescent] 1
402A 6600JB1004A Switch,[Push] 1

404A 6877JB3019B Harness, Joint 1
404B 6877JB2039D Harness, Joint 1
600A 5989JA1005C Ice Maker Assembly, Kit 1
601A 3390JA1150A Tray, Ice 1
602A 4810JA0005A Bracket, Ice Maker 1
603A 3550JA3095A Cover, Sensor 1
603B 5410JA3011A Insulation, Back 1
605A 5988JA1001F Ice Maker(Mech),Unit 1
606A 3551JA1025J Cover & Motor Assembly 1
606A 4681JB1026J Motor Assembly, Geared 1
607A 4930JA3037A Holder, Bracket 2
610A 5075JA1029F Bank Assembly, Ice 1
611A 5027JA1040A Shelf Assembly, F 1
611C 4974JD1003A Guide, Air 1
611D 5026JA1159A Shelf, F 1
612A 4974JA1063A Guide, Rail 1
612B 4974JA1064A Guide, Rail 1
612C 4980JA2019B Supporter, G/M 2
613A 4974JA3028A Guide, Ice 1
614A 6421JA3001B Solenoid Assembly 1
615A 4838JA1004A Tank, Water 1
616A 1NZZJA3006A Nut, Drawing 2
616B 5210JA3004A Tube, Pe 1
616C 5210JA3004B Tube, Pe 1
616D 5210JA3005A Tube, Pe 1
616E 5201JA3011B Pipe Assembly Inject (With Heater) 1
618A 4810JA3059A Bracket, Cover 1
619A 5220JA2008C Valve, Water 1
621B 4932JA3012A Connector (Mech),Tube 1
622A 5040JA2011A Rubber, Inject 1
623A 4770JA3001A Band (Mech) 3
NI 1NZZJA3005A Nut, Drawing 1

104A 5251JA3004A Drain Assembly, Pipe-Z 1
300A 2521C-A9512 Compressor, Set Assembly 1
301A 5403JA1024A Condenser Assembly, Wire 1
303A 6749JA2003Z P.T.C Assembly 1
303B 6748C-0002A P.T.C 1
303C 6750C-0005C O.L.P 1
303D 6877JB2040D Harness, P 1
304A 3550JA2042A Cover, P.T.C 1
305A 3103JA1014B Comp Base Assembly, Std 1
305B 4580JA3021B Roller 2
305C 1PZZJA3003A Pin, Drawing 2
306A 4J03020A Rubber, Damping 4
307A 4J03277A Stopper, Comp 4
308A 3390JA1109A Tray, Drip 1
308B 4974JA1053A Guide, Fan 1
308C 3550JA2147A Cover, Motor 1
309A 5901JA1012A Fan Assembly 1
309B 5040JA2004A Rubber, Motor-F 1
309C 5040JA2009A Rubber, Motor-F 1
310A 5200JA1019A Pipe, Joint 1
310B 5201JA1038C Pipe Assembly, Joint 1
313A 3551JA1024A Cover Assembly, Back-M/C 1
317A ES5332 Drier Assembly 1
317B 4930JA3034A Holder, Drier 1
403B 4681JB1017E Motor Assembly, Ref Fan 1
406A 6411JB1008C Power Cord Assembly 1
410H 0CZZJB2003C Capacitor, Drawing 1
410G 0CZZJB2002A Capacitor, Drawing 1
500A 6871JB1298D PWB(PCB) Assembly, Main 1
502A 3551JA1101C Cover Assembly, PWB 1
502B 3110JA1010B Case, PWB 1
505A 3J02447C Fuse, Drawing 1

207A 3211JA1017K Frame Assembly, Display 1
207B 3806JA2029B Deco, Control 1
275A 5007JA3006R Cap Assembly, Duct 1
275B 5006JA2012G Cap, Duct 1
275C 5040JA3032A Rubber, Cap 1
275D 4510JA2006A Lever, Dispenser 1
276A 4970JA3011A Spring, Lever 1
276B 4930JA3043A Holder, Lever 1
277A 3550JA2067A Cover, Tray 1
278A 3017JA2001T Funnel Assembly 1
278B 3210JA1011P Frame, Funnel 1
278C 4510JA3007A Lever, Ice Maker 1
278D 4980JA2024K Funnel 1
278E 5040JA2010A Rubber, Funnel 1
279A 3550JA0044A Cover, Dispenser 1
280A 3807JA3006S Button Assembly 1
280B 5040JA2008F Button, Lever 1
280C 3806JA2019K Holder, Button 1
281A 3806JA2022J Deco, Drain 1
401C 6912JB2002F Lamp,[Vacuum] 1
402C 6600JB3001B Switch,[Micro] 1
405A 6600JB3002A Switch,[Rocker] 1
501A 6871JB1296B PWB(PCB) Assembly, Display 1