Parts Manual for Tisira COOKER TFGC919X_SM

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ID Part Number Description
A08 2799200 Side Rack
A12-1 2799201 Drip Tray Insert
A12-2 2799202 Wire Shelf
A15 2799001 Drip Tray
A16 2799203 Rotary Spit
A17 2799204 Rotary Spit Holder
I25 2799002 Back panel
A35 2799900 Door seal
A42 2799003 Circular Element Cover
A43 2799400 Circulation Fan Blade
A54 2799500 Bottom Element
A61 2799501 Top Element
A62 2799502 Circular Element
D10 2799100 Storage door
E24 2799101 Splashback
E03 2799300 Trivet (Centre)
E07 2799102 Hob Panel
E02 2799301 Trivet (Left/Right)
G07 2799503 Power cord with plug (15A)
G09 2799504 Terminal Block
2799505 Oven Lamp - E14
2799521 Oven Lamp - G9 **From serial Number MD-07921-XXXXX
G13 2799506 Ignition Generator - 5 Points
G16 2799507 Cooling Fan
G18 2799508 Circulation Oven Motor
G21-1 2799509 Thermostat -150°C
G21-2 2799510 Thermostat - 55°C
G22-1 2799511 Wire assembly
G23 2799512 Rotisserie Motor
I04 2799103 External Side Panel
I11 2799401 Power Cord Clip
I12 2799901 Anti-tilting chain
I39 2799902 Adjustable foot
I72 2799104 Bottom element bracket
B00 2706006 Complete door assembly
B03 2799402 Door Handle Washer
B12 2799006 Oven door handle

ID Part Number Description
- 2799007 Outer glass panel assembly
(included in
Outer glass for oven door
B24 Oven Door Frame Bracket (Right)
B25 Oven Door Frame Bracket (Left)
B07 Upper metal strip
B08 Lower metal strip
B13 2799801 Inner glass for oven door
B11 2799008 Door Hinges
C19 2799105 Control panel Stainless Steel Plate
C30-1 2799009 Knob - ISS-4
F01-1 2299314 Wok Burner Cup (Base)
F01-2 2299310 Rapid Burner Cup (Base)
F01-3 2299307 Semi-Rapid Burner Cup (Base)
F01-4 2299304 Auxiliary Burner Cup (Base)
F02 2299519 Ignition candle - Wok burner (620mm)
F02 2299517 Ignition candle - Rapid/ Semi-rapid rear left burner (220mm)
F02 2799513 Ignition candle - Auxiliary/Semi-rapid rear right burner (850mm)
F03-1 2299311 Wok Burner Outer Cap
F03-1 2299312 Wok Burner Inner Cap
F03-2 2299308 Rapid Burner Cap
F03-3 2299305 Semi-Rapid Burner Cap
F03-4 2299302 Auxiliary Burner Cap
F05-1 2799302 Wok Burner Diffuser
F05-2 2799303 Rapid Burner Diffuser
F05-3 2299306 Semi-Rapid Burner Diffuser
F05-4 2299303 Auxiliary Burner Diffuser
F08 2799600 Gas fitting elbow
F10 2799514 Thermocouple - Wok burner (550mm)
F10 2799515 Thermocouple - Auxiliary burner (280mm)
F10 2799516 Thermocouple - Rapid/Semi-Rapid rear leftburner (660mm)
F10 2799517 Thermocouple -Semi-Rapid rear right burner (460mm)
F13 2799601 Gas valve - Wok (0.65)
F13 2799602 Gas valve - Rapid (0.46)
F13 2799603 Gas valve - Semi-Rapid (0.40)
F13 2799604 Gas valve - Auxiliary (0.30)
F23 2799605 End cap

ID Part Number Description
F6-1 2799606 Natural Gas injector Ø1.63mm (Wok)
F6-2 2799607 Natural Gas injector Ø1.50mm (Rapid)
F6-3 2799608 Natural Gas injector Ø1.20mm (Semi-rapid)
F6-4 2799609 Natural Gas injector Ø0.90mm (Auxiliary)
G05 2799518 Microswitch
G08 2799010 Digital Timer
G24 2799403 Indicator and Bezel
G26 2799519 Selector Switch
G28 2799520 Thermostat (Temperature Control)
2799610 ULPG injector Ø0.53mm (Auxiliary)
2799611 ULPG injector Ø0.73mm (Semi-Rapid)
2799612 ULPG injector Ø0.95mm (Rapid)
2799613 ULPG injector Ø1.00mm (Wok)
2299637 Gas regulator (Laite)