Parts Manual for Tisira Cooktop TCT63E

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ID Part Number Factory ID Description
16 5291801 YOA60-12SC-041-065 Ceramic Glass Assembly - Tisira Logo
63 5291502 H35-30-300-007 Hot Plate 1200W/230V
64 5291503 H35-30-300-008 Hot Plate 1800W/230V
211 5291501 H35-30-180-004 Terminal Block
213 5291505 H35-10-200-003 Flexible Power Cord
5291504 H35-30-400-029 Main PCB & Display Board Assembly *Obsolete*
*5291521 TBC *Main PCB & Display Board Assembly (EGO)
263 5291933 YORTK-4000-010-038 Installation kit
267 5291200 YOA60-4000-010-071 Clips for Hotplate
421 5291932 H25-55-100-040 Spring fix for hotplate clips