Parts Manual for Tisira Cooktop TIT63E

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ID Part Number Factory ID Description
421 5291919 H35-30-340-033 Cooling Fan
263 + VD 5291928 H25-70-140-201
Installation Bracket + Screws - Induction Hob
213 5291520 H35-10-200-001 Flexible Power cord
513 5291517 H35-30-480-017 Filter Board
514 5291515 H35-30-480-018 Power Board
515 5291516 H35-30-480-021 Touch Display Board
516 5291518 H35-30-480-024 Right Zones Assembly - Induction
517 5291519 H35-30-480-025 Left Zones Assembly - Induction
16 5291802 YOA60-12SC-041-097 Tisira Glass Assembly - Induction Hob 600mm