Parts Manual for Tuscany Cooktop ZTF-3GW

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0205009 Knobs (black)
0205015 4-Point Microswitch
0205016 Enamel Trivet
0205017 Enamel Trivet (wok)
0205019 Gas Tap (162C)
0205020 Gas Tap (162B)
0205022 Gas Tap (162O)
0205023 Terminal Block (3 pole)
0205024 Ignition Generator
0205025 Aux Burner Cap
0205026 Aux Burner Diffuser
0205027 Semi-Rapid Burner Cap
0205028 Semi-Rapid Burner Diffuser
0205031 Inner-Wok Burner Cap
0205032 Outer-Wok Burner Cap
0205033 Wok Burner Diffuser
0205034 Aux Burner Cup
0205035 Semi-Rapid Burner Cup
0205037 Wok Burner Cup
0205038 0.54 Gas Jet
0205039 0.73 Gas Jet
0205041 1.06 Gas Jet
0205043 Semi-Rapid Ignition Candle
0205045 Wok Ignition Candle
0205046 Gas Inspection Point
0205108 Cooktop Top (stainless steel)
0205109 Cooktop Top (white)