Parts Manual for Tuscany Oven AUTU3-F60

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0102027 Thermostat (double bulb)
0102031 Lamp
0102034 Motor Fan (30W-230V)
0102035 Cooling Fan (18W/22W-220V)
0102039 Hinge
0102049 Rubber Door Seal
0102051 Rubber Door Seal
0102055 Safety Device (65degrees)
0102056 Safety Device (140degrees)
0102057 Red Light Cover
0102059 Control Panel Light
0102062 Minute Timer
0102063 Orange Light Cover
0102070 Selector
0102075 Rubber Stopper
0102077 Door Handle Support
0102400 Whole Door (stainless steel)
0102404 Whole Door (white)
0102406 Door Panel (white)
0102408 Handle (white)
0102413 Door Panel (stainless steel)
0102419 Counter Door
0102424 Control Panel (stainless steel)
0102433 Handle (stainless steel)
0102438 Knobs (stainless steel)
0102439 Knobs (white)
0102442 Control Panel (white)
0102501 Top Element (2000W-240V)
0102509 Circular Element (2300W-240V)
0102600 Oven Rack
0102602 Wire Side Rack
0102604 Enamel Drip Tray
0102606 Drip Tray Insert
0102608 Grill Pan Handle