Parts Manual for Tuscany Rangehood NYMWB23A1

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0808001 High Voltage fuse
0808002 Electronic Control Display PCB
0808003 High Voltage Diode
0808004 High Voltage Capacitor
0808005 Magnetron
0808006 Motor Fan
0808008 Thermostat (180degrees)
0808009 Thermostat (160degrees)
0808010 Lamp
0808011 Spring
0808012 Turntable Motor
0808013 Grill Element
0808014 Micro-Switch (single)
0808015 Micro-Switch (double)
0808016 Door Hook
0808017 Heater Element
0808018 HV Transformer
0808019 Glass Plate
0808020 Plastic Runner (3 wheel)
0808021 Metal Stand