Fisher & Paykel Washing Machine Inlet Dual Valve BSP 68 - 430041P

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For MW and newer WA machines where the NTC probe is separate from the inlet valve assembly. Please check the resistance of your valves before purchasing if you're getting error 49 or error 50.



92186, MW612, 92194, MW512, 92204, WA65T60MW1. 92208, WA55T56MW1, 92180, MW60, 93207, WA1068G1, 93217, wa8060g1, wa7060g1, wa7060m1, wa8560g1, WA1068P1, wa8060p1, wa8060e1, wa7560e1, wa7560g2, wa8560e1, mw513, mw60, 93100, 93207, 93217, 93238, 93241, 93259, 93260, 93262, 93263, 93265, WA7060G2,
MW512, MW613, MW513, mw612, wa65,t wa55t, wa1068g1, wa1068p1

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