00176095 Bosch Oven Control Knob ORIGINAL 00176086 HBN Series

Sale price$77.42 + Freight and GST


ORIGINAL RRP$100.53 per knob

Part codes: 00176095
Replacement of 00176086


HBN3353 / 01 HBN3353 Electric built-in oven HBN3353 / 02 HBN3353 Electric built-in oven HBN335A / 01 HBN335A Cooker / cooker el. enc./ under plan trav. HBN335A / 02 HBN335A Cooker / cooker el. enc./ under plan trav. HBN335B / 01 HBN335B Built-in electric oven HBN3550 / 01 HBN3550 Cooker / cooker el. enc./ under plan trav. HBN3550 / 02 HBN3550 Cooker / cooker el. enc./ under plan trav. HBN3550 / 03 HBN3550 Cooker / cooker, HBN3620AU01, HBN4350AU02,  HBN4320AU01, HBN3650AU, HBN3620AU01, HBN4350AU02,  HBN4320AU01, HBN3650AU0, HBN4320AU01, HBN3650AU0, HBN4320AU02,

This is latest knob for all this models 

 HBN332301 HBN332302 HBN332A01 HBN332A02 HBN352001,
HBN352002 HBN352003 HBN3520EU01 HBN3520EU02 HBN3520GB01 HBN3520GB02,
HBN3520SK01 HBN3520SK02 HBN3520SK03 HBN352101 HBN352102 HBN352103,
HBN3522EU01 HBN3522EU02 HBN3522SK01 HBN3522SK02 HBN352301 HBN352302,
HBN3620AU01 HBN3620AU02 HBN3620CC01 HBN3620CC02 HBN3620EU01 HBN3620EU02,
HBN3620FN01 HBN3620FN02 HBN3620GB01 HBN3620GB02 HBN3622CC01 HBN4320AU01,
HBN4320AU02 HBN4320CC01 HBN4320CC02 HBN4320CC03 HBN4320GB01 HBN4320GB02,
HBN4320SK01 HBN4320SK02 HBN4322CC01 HBN6320FN01 HBN6320FN02 HBN6320SK01,
HBN6320SK02 HBN6322FN01 HBN330A01 HBN330A02 HBN332301 HBN332302
HBN332A01 HBN332A02 HBN335301 HBN335302 HBN335A01 HBN335A02 HBN335B01,
HBN350001 HBN350002 HBN350003 HBN3500EU01 HBN3500EU02 HBN3500GB01,
HBN3500GB02 HBN350101 HBN350102 HBN350103 HBN352001 HBN352002 HBN352003,
HBN3520EU01 HBN3520EU02 HBN3520GB01 HBN3520GB02 HBN3520SK01 HBN3520SK02,
HBN3520SK03 HBN352101 HBN352102 HBN352103 HBN3522EU01 HBN3522EU02,
HBN3522SK01 HBN3522SK02 HBN352301 HBN352302 HBN355001 HBN355002,
HBN355003 HBN3550EU01 HBN3550EU02 HBN3550GB01 HBN3550GB02 HBN3550SK01,
HBN3550SK02 HBN3550SK03 HBN355101 HBN355102 HBN355103 HBN3551IL01,
HBN3552EU01 HBN3552EU02 HBN3552SK01 HBN3552SK02 HBN355301 HBN355302,
HBN3600GB01 HBN3600GB02 HBN3620AU01 HBN3620AU02 HBN3620CC01 HBN3620CC02,
HBN3620EU01 HBN3620EU02 HBN3620FN01 HBN3620FN02 HBN3620GB01 HBN3620GB02,
HBN3622CC01 HBN3650AU01 HBN3650AU02 HBN3650CC01 HBN3650CC02 HBN3650EU01,
HBN3650EU02 HBN3650FN01 HBN3650FN02 HBN3650GB01 HBN3650GB02 HBN3652CC01,
HBN415301 HBN4320AU01 HBN4320AU02 HBN4320CC01 HBN4320CC02 HBN4320CC03,
HBN4320GB01 HBN4320GB02 HBN4320SK01 HBN4320SK02 HBN4322CC01 HBN4350AU01,
HBN4350AU02 HBN4350CC01 HBN4350CC02 HBN4350CC03 HBN4350GB01 HBN4350GB02,
HBN4350SK01 HBN4350SK02 HBN4352CC01 HBN5452SK01 HBN5452SK02 HBN6300FN01,
HBN6320FN01 HBN6320FN02 HBN6320SK01 HBN6320SK02 HBN6322FN01 HBN6350FN01,
HBN6350FN02 HBN6350SK01 HBN6350SK02 HBN6352FN01 HBN6352SK01,

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