062097004 Delonghi Oven Triple Loop 2200W Fan Element ORIGINAL Element

062097004 Delonghi Oven Triple Loop 2200W Fan Element ORIGINAL

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Codes: 062097004, F574068P, 062097004, 482827,482657, EU084, 806890589. IM101-01, Blanco 050057R647 IRCA, 979907RL64, 20.41174.000, 1773596, 1784261, 1656653, 10926, 481225928947, FE-07, ME12570030,  ET482099, et482325, 

This is a fan element for some Delonghi ovens. The fan element fits at the back of the oven and operates on the fan bake / fan forced functions.


Delonghi 61G
Delonghi A106G
Delonghi D906GWF
Delonghi D90G
Delonghi D926GWF
Delonghi DE906GWF
Delonghi DOMFPSI
Delonghi DS61E
Delonghi DS61GW

8C4MF7W/X, 8645RX61G, A106G, A1026G, CBV633, DMFPS/I/W/62, DS61E/GW, D61C/EII/E/GII/GW/GLPG/G, D916GWF, DEFV908R/BK, DEF909GW, D906GII/WF, DE906GWF,DEFP907S/W, D90G D926GII/GWF, DE926GWF, LMFPSLVB5643, MFPW, M92X, M60MFX, MSB9160ME, MSI9160ME, MSI9150ME, M90MFX, M61MFX, M91MF/X, PEMX166GHI/T, PEMX965/T, PEMX664GHI, PEMW965, PEMA965, SMI6CAT, SMA6PRO, SMAG6, SMB6, TEMW664V, TEMX664V.

Suits many models, earthing facility may require mounting with screw & circular connector, as some codes have earth terminals, others don't.


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