10 x H0120201481 Fisher & Paykel Haier Dishwasher Elbow Drain Hose 250cm 21/22mm - 29/30mm

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Listing for 10 hoses.

Compatible Italian Made Drain Hose for part code: 791075, 791239, H0120201481

Specs: 250cm - can replace 215cm - 300cm length hoses

90° Elbow end reducing sharp angles and compact option

Internal Diameter: Ø21-29mm (replaces 22mm - 30mm rated sizes)

Suits: Haier, Fisher & Paykel and any other brand that will use this type of pipe, can replace straight hoses as well depending on the set up, these are often recommended as the elbow design reduces sharp angles that strain the straight hoses.

Fisher & Paykel

  • DW60CDX1,  DW60CDX2, DW60CDW1,  DW60CDW2 
  • DW60CEW1,  DW60CEX1 
  • DW60CSX1,  DW60CSW1

Also suits Electrolux XS302

85461-A DW60CRX4 EL AA
85185-A DW60CDW3 EL AA
85186-A DW60CDX3 EL AA
85183-A DW60CRW3 EL AA
85184-A DW60CRX3 EL AA
61578 HDW12-SFE1 SS Parts
61582 HDW12-SFE1 WH parts
61579 HDW12-TFE3 SS parts
61581 HDW12-TFE3 WH parts1
61513 DW12-TFE2SS HA
61508 HDW101WHT HA
61502-A HDW300SS HA AA
61510 HDW6WH HA
61511 HDW9SS HA
61512 HDW9WH HA
61521-A DW12TFE4SS HA AA
61520-A DW12TFE4WH HA AA
80786-A DW60CEW1 FP AA


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