1432898 L55-20F Universal Fridge Refrigerator Defrost No Frost Thermostat AP3673750

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Part codes: L55-20F, AP3673750, 1432898, 1400993, 739824 PT125 50103660 RF027P

Can replace 1432898 Electrolux which opens at 10 degrees and closes at -6.667 degrees. Only a 2.778 difference, which is a ~ small variable. Alternatives cut in at 60F which is 15.5556 degrees celsius, so this is a closer alternative to RF027P.

Open: 12.778°C 

Close: -6.667°C

Mounting clip / slot on other side.

Can be used for various fridge freezers with no frost feature.

If replacing 1432898:

N360F N360F
N360F*02 N360F*02
N410F N410F
N410F*02 N410F*02
N520F N520F
N520F*02 N520F*02
RJ212S*07 RJ212S*07
RJ533S*06 RJ533S*06
FN360F FN360F
FN360F*07 FN360F*07
FN360FNZ*07 FN360FNZ*07
N300F N300F
BJ504Q BJ504Q
BJ505Q BJ505Q
BJ505S BJ505S
NB400F NB400F
BJ503S BJ503S
BJ503S*06 BJ503S*06
N210F N210F
N210F*09 N210F*09
FN300D FN300D
FN300D*01 FN300D*01
FJ208S FJ208S
FN291F*06 FN291F*06
N510FD N510FD
510NF4 510NF4
N610EE N610EE
610NE5 610NE5
N510FF N510FF
510NF6 510NF6
N610FF N610FF
610NF6 610NF6
N610FM N610FM
610NF2 610NF2
N609GM N609GM
609NG2 609NG2
FJ303Q FJ303Q
BJ423S*06 BJ423S*06
N480FF-L N480FF-L
N480FF-R N480FF-R
480NF6-L 480NF6-L
480NF6-R 480NF6-R
N480NH N480NH
N480FM N480FM
480NF2 480NF2

RJ502D RJ502D
RJ503D RJ503D
FJ303G FJ303G

RJ401S RJ401S
MJ360T MJ360T

N350A N350A
N400A N400A
N500A N500A
N630A N630A
N640A N640A
NE630A NE630A
N350C N350C
N400C N400C
N500C N500C
NB380D NB380D
NB400D NB400D
N501V N501V
N350D N350D
N400D N400D
N500BD N500BD
N300D N300D
FN360A FN360A
N630D N630D
N630DN N630DN
N640D N640D
N640DN N640DN
FN360C FN360C
N630C N630C
N640C N640C
FN360V FN360V
N350T N350T
N630T N630T
NE630T NE630T
N640T N640T
FN360T FN360T


N360F N360F*02 N410F N410F*02 N520F N520F*02 RJ532S RJ212S RJ212S*07 RJ533S RJ533S*06 FN360F FN360FNZ FN360F*07 FN360FNZ*07 BJ424S BJ425S N300F BJ504Q BJ504BQ BJ505Q BJ505BQ BJ505S RJ422S RJ452S NB400F BJ503S BJ503S*06 N210F N210F*09 FJ383Q RJ453S BJ414Q BJ415Q RJ212T FN300D FN300D*01 FJ208S FN291F FN291F*06 N510FD 510NF4 N610EE 610NE5 N510FF 510NF6 N610FF 610NF6 N610FM 610NF2 N609GM 609NG2 FJ303Q BJ423S BJ423S*06



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