201050707 Smeg Cooktop Large Heavy Duty Rapid Burner Cap 85mm ORIGINAL

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Original Part

Part codes: 201050707

Large 85mm cap used on rapid burner and other burners location differs on models.


A1.1, A1A.1, A1AD.1, A1B.1, A1D.1, A1G.1, A1P.1, A1VA.1, A1VG.1, A2, A2A, A2AD, A2D, CIR34AX, CIR34AX3, CIR34XS, CIR34XS3, CIR574X, CIR574X3, CIR574XS3, CIR575X, CIR575X-5, »SI01, CIR575XS5, CIR576X, CIR576X-5, CIR597X, CIR597X5, CIR60X, CIR60X3, CIR60XS, CIR60XS3, CIR64X, CIR64X3, CIR64XS, CIR64XS3, CIR66EBS3, CIR66NES3, CIR66X3, CIR66XS3, CIR66XSL3, CIR93AX, CIR93AX3, CIR93AXS, CIR93AXS3, CS18A/1, CS18A/1DR, CS18NLA1, CS18V/1, CS18V/1DR, CS19, CS19/1, CS19A/1, CS19B/1, CS19NL1, CS19NLA1, CS19P/1, CS19V/1, CS20, CS20FB, CS20NL, CS20NLA, CSA196A, CSA196XLP, CSA19XLP, CSA20, GCO90XG, GCS70XG, GCS90XG, GKC64-3, GKC641-3, GKC755, GKC95-3, GKC955, GKCO955, GKE755, GKE755-1, GKR64-3, GKR64A-3, HB6422A, HB7522A, HB9522A, HB9522AGF, MSH260XGH, P1640X, P1640XBN, P1640XT, P1641X, P1641XA, P1641XD, P1641XT, P1641XTD, P1752X, P1752XA, P1752XBN, P1752XD, P1752XT, P1752XTD, P260XGH, P260XGHBN, P261XGH, P261XGHD, P261XGHNL, P272XGH, P272XGHD, P272XGHNL, P360XGH, P360XGHL, P361XGH, P361XGHBN, P361XGHL, P372XGH, P372XGHBN, P372XGHL, PA361XGH, PA372XGH, PC32GNO, PC73GNO, PS19X, PS60GH, PS60GHC, PVA96, S60GHS, S70GXBE, S70GXBE5, S93GXBE, S93GXBE3, SAR66X, SAR66X3, SAR66XS, SAR66XS3, SAR67X, SAR67X1, SD70XG, SD97ASX3, SDPV595XG, SDR34XG, SDR34XG3, SDR575XG5, SDR597XG5, SDR60XG, SDR60XG3, SDR70XG5, SDRV564XG, SDRV575XG, SDRV576XG, SE264SGH3, SE60SGH3, SE706GH, SE70SGH, SE70SGH-5, SE70SGHLK, SE756GH, SE756GH-5, SE775GH5, SE93SGH, SE93SGH3, SE97CXG, SE97CXG5, SE97GXBE5, SER60GXB3, SER60GXBE, SER60SGH, SER60SGH3, SER64XGNL, SER844AV4, SER844AV9, SER844AVO, SER844RG3, SER844RG4, SL175GHT, SLR64SGH, SM34AXGH, SNL564XG, SNL574GH, SNL575CG, SNL575XG, SNL576XG1, SNL596XG1, SNL60XG, SNL64AG, SNL64XG, SNL70XG, SNL97AX2, SNL97BXG, SNL97CXG, SNLR34XG1, SNLR34XG2, SNZ34XGR1, SNZ34XGR3, SNZ34XGRC, SNZ93XGR1, SNZ93XGR3, SNZ93XGR9, SP595XGD3, SPR864AGH, SPR864AVOGH, SPR864BGH, SPR864PGH, SPR864RAGH, SPR876AGH, SPR876AVOGH, SPR876BGH, SPR876PGH, SPR876RAGH, SPR896AGH, SPR896AOGH, SPR896PGH, SPR896POGH, SR134AGHS, SR2575XGH, SR264XGH, SR264XGHBN, SR275XGH, SR275XGHBN, SR34GXBE, SR34GXBE3, SR34SGH, SR34SGH3, SR564GXB3, SR564GXBE, SR564XGD3, SR574GXBE, SR576GHN5, SR576GXB5, SR576GXBE, SR596GXB5, SR596GXBE, SR60GHS, SR60GHU3, SR64SGHNL, SR764AO, SR764AOD, SR764AS, SR764AX, SR764AXNL, SR764BS, SR764BSNL, SR764OT, SR764PO, SR764PS, SR764PX, SR764PXD, SR764PXNL, SR764RA, SR764XRW, SR775AO, SR775AOD, SR775AS, SR775AX, SR775BS, SR775OT, SR775PO, SR775PS, SR775PX, SR775PXD, SR775RA, SR775XRW, SR775XRWD, SR804AGB3, SR804AGBE, SR804AGH, SR804AGH3, SR804AGH4, SR804AOG4, SR804AOG9, SR804AOGH, SR804AXG4, SR804BOGH, SR804COGH, SR804PGB3, SR804PGBE, SR804PGH, SR804PGH3, SR804PGH4, SR804PGH9, SR804POG4, SR804POG9, SR804POGH, SR804PXG4, SR804PXG9, SR804VGH, SR809AGB3, SR809AGBE, SR809AGH, SR809AGH3, SR809AGHO, SR809PGB3, SR809PGBE, SR809PGH, SR809PGH3, SR809PGHO, SR84AGH, SR84AOGH, SR84PGH, SR84POGH, SR864AGBE, SR864AGH9, SR864OGH9, SR864PGB9, SR864PGBE, SR864PGH9, SR876AGH, SR876AGH5, SR876AGH9, SR876AGHO, SR876AVG9, SR876AVGO, SR876PGH, SR876PGH5, SR876PGH9, SR876PGHO, SR876VGH, SR896AGBE, SR896AGH9, SR896PGBE, SR896PGH9, SR964BGH, SR964NGH, SR964PGH, SR964XGH, SR975BGH, SR975BGHD, SR975NGH, SR975NGHBN, SR975NGHD, SR975PGH, SR975PGHBN, SR975PGHD, SR975XGH, SR975XGHBN, SR975XGHD, SRA964BGH, SRA964NGH, SRA964PGH, SRA975BGH, SRA975NGH, SRA975PGH, SRV564A6, SRV564AV6, SRV564CO6, SRV564GH, SRV564GH3, SRV564GHB, SRV564GHN, SRV564GME, SRV564GW6, SRV573XG, SRV573XGT, SRV574GH, SRV574GH3, SRV574GHN3, SRV574LG3, SRV575GH, SRV575GH5, SRV576A6, SRV576AV6, SRV576CO6, SRV576GH, SRV576GH5, SRV576GHB, SRV576GHN, SRV576GW6, SRV596AV6, SRV596GH, SRV596GH5, SRV596GHK, SRV596GK5, SRV596GK6, SRV596GM5, SRV596GME, SRV864AGH, SRV864OGH, SRV864PGH, SRV864RAG, SRV876A6, SRV876AS6, SRV876AV6, SRV876AV7, SRV876D6, SRV876P6, SRV876RA, SRV876RA5, SRV896AGH, SRV896PGH, SV564AV6, SX93SGHK, WDK264GH, WER264SGH

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