32001562 Omega Award Everdure Oven 2000W Fan Element

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Part codes: 32001562  V32001562 V32009186 V32001562, 2035583, 49015755

210mm 2000W


OO654W, OBES602 OBES6021, OBES603, OBES61, OBES63, OBES67, OBES68, OBO654GG, OBO674X, OBO676X, OBO690GG, OO654W, OO654WA, OO654X, OO664X, ZZOBES61, ZZOBES63, OO664X, OO654X

OO664X, OO654X, OBES601, OBES602, OBES603

Award AFEC51, AFEC150

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