35602044 Universal Rangehood Carbon Filter Anti-Odour with Saturation Indicator 210x35

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Part codes: KFC6901, 35602044, CP210, Type 210, Type-210, Typ 210, Typ-210

May be compatible with: Fisher & Paykel 791772 F&P, 03300419

210 x 35 210mmx35mm Type 210

1 filter per pack, very high quality anti-odour filter.

May suit:

210mm wide

KSED92X, KSED92NE, KSED92EB, KSED62X, KSED65X-1, KSED75X-1, KSED75X, KSED95X-1, KSEM90X-1, KSE7700A, KSE7700X, KSE89A, KSE89D, KSE89EB, KSE89G, KSE9000X, KSE9700A, KSE9700X, KSE89P, KSE89A, KA1VA, KA1VP, KA1VG, KSE9800XL, K135X, K2, K2A, K3A, K42A, K42B, K42G, K42X, KS12X, KS12XD, KS12XS, KS12XSE, KS89D, KS89EB, KS9A, KS9B, KS9G, KS9NE, KS9P, KS9XSE, KS9XSEK, KSN9X, KSN9XSE, KV90-1, KS99XSE, KS98XSE, KSE9500, KSED9800XL, KSED95X-1, KSED75X, KSED65X-1, KSED92X, K42X, K2, K2A, K42A, K42X, KA1VG, KS12XSE, KS9XSEK, KSE6600XL, KSED95P9, GI203, k20.2, CLRHSLW, CLRHSLSS, 125REC, 



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