3570284038 Electrolux Oven Fan Element 2000W with EARTH EOB series

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Part codes: 3570284038, 3581907361 3570104012, 3570104-01/2 ELE201

This part has been marked as No Longer Available by Electrolux, so I've ordered some in, in the event that someone requires this element.

Overall Length 252mm. Internal Diameter Or Width 180mm. Terminal Length 42mm. Hole or Stud Centres: 56mm. Plate Width 22mm. Plate Length 70mm. 2000W

3570284038 Electrolux Oven Fan Element 2000W with EARTH EOB seriesELEMENT, manufacturer for Smeg, Fisher & Paykel and many other brands. Zoppas Industries owns IRCA, which is used by Electrolux.





MSF610B, MSF610W, MSF615X

Parkinson Cowan


Tricity Bendix 

TBS603BL, TBS603WH, TBS603X, TBS605BL, TBS605WH, TBS605X, TBS613BR, TBS613WH, TBS613X


ZBC848C, ZBC848CU, ZBC848G, ZBF260W, ZBF260X, ZBF360B, ZBF360W, ZBF360X, ZBF660B, ZBF660N, ZBF660W, ZBF660X, ZBF669SW, ZBF669SX, ZBF860B, ZBF860W, ZBF860X, ZBF865B, ZBF865N, ZBF865W, ZBF865X, ZBM878B, ZBM878N, ZBM878W, ZBM878X, ZBM879SW, ZBM879SX, ZBM972ALU, ZBQ365 X, ZBQ365B, ZBQ365N, ZBQ365W, ZBQ665ALU, ZBQ665ALUR, ZBQ665N, ZBQ665W, ZBQ665X, ZBQ665XR, ZBQ965ALU, ZBQ965ALUR, ZBQ965N, ZBQ965W, ZBQ965X, ZBQ965XR, ZBS663 X, ZBS963X, ZCE611X, ZCE630X, ZCE631X, ZCE700X, ZCM611X, ZCM630X, ZCM631X, ZCM700X, ZDC888C, ZDC888G, ZDF86, ZDF866W, ZDF866X, ZDM86, ZDM869X ZBM762N

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