44001369 Rosieres 3310W Grill Bake Element

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Wattage 3310W (1200 Watts / 2110 Watts) 
Replaces 93630028, 93767291, 44001369   
Dimensions Height: 355mm Width: 355mm Bracket: 80mm Tags: 40/15mm Crossbar: 370mm
Models 3040DB, 4040DB, 4040DBDEF, 4040DBF, 4040RBINF, 4040RGF, 4040RUVF, 6215BL, 6215PN, 6215RB, 7015RIN, BD872PN, BD872RB, BF733RB, BM761RB, BV875RB, F142FRU, F142FRURB, F152FA, F152PN, F152RB, F152RU, F152RUFA, F152RURB, F244PN (E), F244RB (E), F254FIN, F254IN, F254PN (E), F254RB (E), F7430RB, FE4062IN, FE4062PN, FE4062RB, FE4133FA, FE4133PN, FE4133RB, FE4143FA, FE4143PN, FE4143RB, FE4163FA, FE4163PN, FE4163RB, FE4173FA, FE4173PN, FE4173RB, FE4476PN, FE4476RB, FE4566ILIN, FE4566IN, FE4566PN, FE4566RB, FE5143RU, FE5563RU, FE5563RURB, FE7430RB, FSP4556IN, FSP4556PN, RB5540ES/1ES, RB6540ES/1ES, RB6540ETS/1E, RB6640ETS/1, RB6640MS/1MS, RCE632RB, RX6640M/1M

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