483774 Bosch Vacuum Cleaner HEPA Filter BSG8

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Compatible Replacement 

Suitable for Bosch BSG8 

  • Bosch BSG81000
    Bosch BSG81000/10
    Bosch BSG8100010
    Bosch BSG81030/14
    Bosch BSG81215UC/01
    Bosch BSG81215UC01
    Bosch BSG81261/14
    Bosch BSG81261/20
    Bosch BSG8126114
    Bosch BSG8126120
    Bosch BSG81265UC/01
    Bosch BSG81265UC01
    Bosch BSG81266
    Bosch BSG81266/01
    Bosch BSG81266/09
    Bosch BSG81266/10
    Bosch BSG81266/14
    Bosch BSG81266/15
    Bosch BSG8126601
    Bosch BSG8126609
    Bosch BSG8126610
    Bosch BSG8126614
    Bosch BSG8126615
    Bosch BSG81266AU/10
    Bosch BSG81266AU/14
    Bosch BSG81266AU10
    Bosch BSG81266AU14
    Bosch BSG81266CH/09
    Bosch BSG81266CH/10
    Bosch BSG81266CH/14
    Bosch BSG81266CH09
    Bosch BSG81266CH10
    Bosch BSG81266CH14
    Bosch BSG81296UC/03
    Bosch BSG81313UC Premium
    Bosch BSG81313UC/01
    Bosch BSG81313UC/03
    Bosch BSG81313UC/06
    Bosch BSG81313UC01
    Bosch BSG81313UC03
    Bosch BSG81313UC06
    Bosch BSG81335UC Premium Health Guard
    Bosch BSG81335UC/01
    Bosch BSG81335UC/03
    Bosch BSG81335UC01
    Bosch BSG81335UC03
    Bosch BSG81360/14
    Bosch BSG8136014
    Bosch BSG81360UC Premium Electric Duo
    Bosch BSG81360UC/03
    Bosch BSG81360UC03
    Bosch BSG81365UC Premium Health Guard Plus
    Bosch BSG81365UC/01
    Bosch BSG81365UC/03
    Bosch BSG81365UC01
    Bosch BSG81365UC03
    Bosch BSG81370UC/03
    Bosch BSG81370UC03
    Bosch BSG81380UC Premium Electric Duo XXL
    Bosch BSG81380UC/03
    Bosch BSG81380UC03
    Bosch BSG81396UC Premium Prestige
    Bosch BSG81396UC/01
    Bosch BSG81396UC/03
    Bosch BSG81396UC01
    Bosch BSG81396UC03
    Bosch BSG81455/14
    Bosch BSG8145514
    Bosch BSG81466/09
    Bosch BSG81466/14
    Bosch BSG8146609
    Bosch BSG8146614
    Bosch BSG81468/14
    Bosch BSG8146814
    Bosch BSG81623
    Bosch BSG81623/01
    Bosch BSG81623/09
    Bosch BSG81623/10
    Bosch BSG81623/14
    Bosch BSG81623/15
    Bosch BSG8162301
    Bosch BSG8162309
    Bosch BSG8162310
    Bosch BSG8162314
    Bosch BSG8162315
    Bosch BSG81666
    Bosch BSG81666/01
    Bosch BSG81666/09
    Bosch BSG81666/10
    Bosch BSG81666/14
    Bosch BSG81666/15
    Bosch BSG8166601
    Bosch BSG8166609
    Bosch BSG8166610
    Bosch BSG8166614
    Bosch BSG8166615
    Bosch BSG81800
    Bosch BSG81800AU/01
    Bosch BSG81801
    Bosch BSG81801/01
    Bosch BSG81810
    Bosch BSG81810AU/01
    Bosch BSG81880
    Bosch BSG81880/01
    Bosch BSG81880GB/01
    Bosch BSG81885/01

Compatible with 483774, BBZ151HF, VZ151HFB

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