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Part codes: 50.57021.010 50.87021.000

This is the older metal version, they are typically regarded as much better quality and can be changed like-for-like without any extra wiring diagrams.

Codes: 3150788234 3150788-23/4, 11540540, 816810066, ZS1076  3150788234 3150788-23/4 267230, 3150788234, 481927328279, 50281418009, 50.57021.010, 71X7083, C00037056

PHP285S, 949163087, PHP285W, 949163086, PHP284U, 949163085 PHN285S 949163002 PHN285W 949163003 PHN284U 949163001 EHC646U, 949163006, PHN395U,, 949163004 PHR284U 949163183 PHP395U 949163089 EHC647U 949163140 PHR285S 949163185 PHR285W 949163184 PHR395U, 949163186, WHC742BA 949163179, WHC644SA 949163181 WHC642BA 949163180 EHC947U 949163141 EHEC65BS 949163008 EHC946U 949163007 EHP6625P, 949591873 64J986U 949163005 EHP60040P 949592636 WHC942BA 949163178 HK614010MB 94959337400 949595126 CHC644BA, 949163312 CHC744BA 949163313 CHC944BA 949163314 SHC644BA 949163317 SHC944BA 949163316, omega oc64ba,

ALFA30V, ALFA31V, CE6CMX, CE92CMX, CE9CMX, CE9CMXA, CIE66MDK3, EBH7140.1, EBH7140.2, EBH7140.3, EBH7140.4, EBH7140B, EBH7140W, EBH7140X, EBH7142.1, EBH7142.2, EBH7142.3, EBH7142.4, EBH7143.1, EBH7143.2, EBH7143.3, EBH7143.4, EBH7143B, EBH7143W, EBH7143X, EHC7900EC, EHC812EB, EHC812EW, EHC815BIS, EHC815EC, EHC815EC1, EHH120B, EHH120E, EHH120EK, EHH120W, EHH120WK, EHK110B, EHK110E, EHK110W, ENH7170, JRS31GIBB, JRS31GIBS, JRS31GIBW, MKI812EW, P652, P752, P864A, P864P, PDX12RUSB, PDX30B-1, PDX30BBR2, PDX30C-1, PDX30CBR2, PDXF30B, PDXF30B-1, PDXF30C, PDXF30C-1, PDXK30B, PDXK30C, PDXS30B, PDXS30B-1, PDXS30C, PDXS30C-1, PGF30B, PGF32C, S101X-5, S104X-5, S106X-5, S106X-6, S108X-5, S108X-6, S200, S200/1, S200EB, S200EB/1, S200X, S200X/1, S200XK, S201X, S300, S300EB, S300X, S300X-5, S301X-5, S302X, S854XQV/A, SA661X1, SC041MFX, SC0468X-8, SC0485X-8, SC04MFX, SC0521X-8, SC0578X-8, SC061MFX, SC061X-8, SC06MFX, SC081MFX, SC081X-8, SC08MFX, SC51X, SC54X, SC63MFX, SC64MFX, SC73MFX, SC74MFX, SE101EB, SE101NE, SE101X, SE105EB, SE105EB/1, SE105NE, SE105NE/1, SE105X, SE105X/1, SE106EB, SE106EB/1, SE106NE, SE106NE/1, SE106X, SE106X/1, SE106X-5, SE108X-1, SE280MFEB, SE286X, SE286X-5, SE50X-5, SE51X-5, SE62MFX-5, SE63MFX-5, SE640/1, SE640-2, SE640EB/1, SE640EB-2, SE640X/1, SE640X-2, SE641X, SE660, SE660-1, SE660X, SE660X1, SE661X, SE661X1, SE722H/1, SE722HEB1, SE722HX/1, SE722HX-2, SE72MFX-5, SE731H/1, SE731HX/1, SE73MFX-5, SE750, SE750/1, SE750EB, SE750EB/1, SE750X, SE751, SE751X, SE752H, SE752H/1, SE752HEB, SE752HX, SE820MF, SE820MF/1, SE820MFB1, SE90, SE90/1, SE90EB, SE90EB/1, SE90MB, SE90MB/1, SE90X, SE90X/1, SE92, SE92EB, SE96, SE96/1, SE96EB, SE96EB/1, SE96MB, SE96MB/1, SE96X, SE96X/1, SEF64EB, SEF64NE, SUK60CMFA, SUK60CMFX, SUK60GA, SUK60GX, SUK60MFA, SUK60MFX, SUK80GA, SUK80GX, SUK80MFA, SUK80MFX, UK60CMFA, UK60CMFA1, UK60CMFX, UK60CMFX1, UK60MFA, UK60MFA1, UK60MFX, UK60MFX1, UK80MFX1, WE200, WE200/1, WE200EB, WE200EB/1, WE200X, WE200X/1

SHC944BA 949163316 SHC644BA 949163317 CHC944BA 949163314 CHC744BA 949163313 CHC644BA 949163312 HK614010MB 949595126 94959337400 WHC942BA 949163178 EHP60040P 949592636 64J986U 949163005 EHP6625P 949591873 EHC946U 949163007 PHP285S 949163087 PHP285W 949163086 PHP284U 949163085 PHN285S PHN285W PHN284U EHC646U 949163006 PHN395U 949163004 PHR284U 949163183 PHP395U 949163089 64K986U EHC647U 949163140 PHR285S 949163185 PHR285W 949163184 PHR395U 949163186 WHC742BA 949163179 WHC644SA 949163181 WHC642BA 949163180 EHC947U 949163141 EHEC65BS 949163008

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