Fifty x 573263 Fisher & Paykel Oven Seal Gasket Genuine Original

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Listing for 50 seals

Replacement for Fisher & Paykel Ovens 
Replaces Door Seal Gasket - Part Number: 573263 


Fits Fisher & Paykel ovens OR61 Series & RA61 Series, also fits Shacklock, Kelvinator & Frigidaire models (please check your oven to see it is a three sided seal) 

Fits current models and models from the last 30 years from Fisher & Paykel, Shacklock, Frigidaire and Kelvinator. Please check if it looks the same or a model as listed below. 

• OR61S2---- series (1,2,3) 
• OR61S4---- series (1,2,3) 
• OR61S8---- series (1,2,3) 
• SHA & FP series 
• "Multifunction" "Classic" "Softtouch" 
• Cinnamon, Sage, Paprika, Thyme, Tamarind, Pepper, Saffron, Oregano 
• RA6102B/BC 

Signs of needing replacement are splits, cracking, brittleness, rips or missing chunks. Hot air escaping the oven, uneven cooking and taking a long time to cook can also be symptoms of a damaged seal. 

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