6322FD3671C LG Dishwasher Thermistor Assembly - Temperature Sensor

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Part codes: 6322FD3671C 6322FD3671A 6322FD3671B

The temperature sensor for some LG dishwashers. Also known as a thermistor, which changes resistance as the temperature changes, sending information back to the control board.



LD-12BT0 LD-12BT7 LD-12BW5 LD-12BW8 LD-2033NH LD-2040WH LD-2050MH LD-2050SH LD-2050WH LD-2060LH LD-2060MH LD-2060SHB LD-2060WH LD-2120SH LD-2120WH LD-2130WH LD-2131SH LD-2131WH LD-2150LH LD-2150WH LD-2152LH LD-2152MH LD-2152SH LD-2160CM LD-2160CW LD-2161PM LD-2161PW LD-2162MH LD-2162WH LD-2163MH LD-2163WH LD-2167MH LD-2170THB LD-2263TH LD-2263WH

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