673001700057 Whirlpool Omega Dishwasher Main Tank Chassis Door Seal Gasket

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Part codes: 673001700057

This is the main chassis seal often referred to as the "tank" or "door" seal. It sits around the main dish washing area of the appliance, typically a 3 sided seal that goes along the left side, up around the top and down the right side. The door usually sits against it to seal the appliance and prevent leaking, coupled with a lower door seal gasket on the door itself which is sold as a separate part.


DW402XA, DW501XA, OFI603A, PL402XA

ADP5000WH, ADP6000IX, ADP6000IX WA or WH, ADP7000 , ADP8000, ADP9000


Baumatic  BKDW60SS, BKDW60W, Homeking HKF60W

Classique CLD60W, CLD60SS, CLD14IN

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