694974706 Smeg Oven Knob ORIGINAL 694971389

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Original Part

Part codes: 694974706 694971389

Control knob for oven / cooktop.


DWF66SS, KS12X, KS12X-AUS, KS12XD, KS12XS, KS12XSE, KS91XD, KS91XS, KS9A, KS9B, KS9G, KS9X, KS9X-AUS, KS9XSE, KSN9A, KSN9B, KSN9C, KSN9G, KSN9R, KSN9V, KSN9X, KSN9XSE, KW9XSE, LS6002X, LS6002X-1, LS6002X.1, PLD15/1S, PLD15/3S, PLD16/3S, PLD18/1S, PLD18/3S, PLD18/3SE, PLD184/3S, PLDD183SE, PLDD1843S, PLS15/1S, PLS15/3S, PLS16/3S, PLS18/1S, PLS18/3S, PLS18/3SE, PLS184/3S, PLSD183SE, PLSD1843S, PS112/2, PS112/4, PS112/4-E, PS15-4GV, PS15-VG4, PS19/1S, PS19/2, PS19/3S, PS19/3S-E, PS19/4, PS19/4-E, PS19S, PS19X, PSD193SE, PSNL19/4E, PSW19/1S, S33AX, SA33AX, SA33AX1, SA33AXS, SA35X, SA36AX, SA670X.1, SAR191AX, SAR191AX1, SC341GX-8, SC341GXD8, SEP33AX, SF33AX, SF341GGX, SF341GGXK, SF341GVX, SF341GVXD, SF341GX, SF6341GVX, SF6341GVXD, SF6341GX, SM33AX1, SM33AXE, SR191AJX, W33AX, WE33AXE

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