806890538 SMEG Oven 1100W Lower Bake Element ORIGINAL

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Part codes: 806890538

Original Packaged Smeg Part

1100W, if it looks the same it will most likely fit as its quite a unique shape element.


A4-5, A4-6, A4BL-6, A5-5, A5-6, A5D-5, A5D-6, CS122-5, CS122-6, CS150-5, CS150-6, CS150NL-5, CS150NL-6, CS150SA, CSA122X-6, CSA150X-6, F166PZ-5, FP850APZ, S381XPZ-5, S399XPZ6, SC100PZ, SC106PZ, SC106PZ2, SC110PZ, SC112PZ, SC112PZ2, SC166PZ, SC381XPZ, SC399XPZ, SCP111PZ, SCP112PZ, SCP112PZ2, SI850APZ5

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