806890548 Smeg Dishwasher Heating Element ORIGINAL 806890547 H0124000590B H0120800355

Sale price$54.88 + Freight and GST


Original Unpackaged 806890548 Smeg Dishwasher Heating Element ORIGINAL 806890547SMEG


Part codes: 806890547 806890548 1888130100, 1888130200, 1888150100, 481290508537 Can replace 0122400012 1560734012 1115321109 1115321000 50280071-00/7 50297618-00/6 1115773-00/2 50277796-00/4 as it is 32mm in and out, just lower wattage.

Suits Smeg, BEKO and many other brands

Original Smeg Manufacturer, usually $148+GST when wrapped in Smeg packaging.

1800W, 230V - 806890548 is sometimes 2040W, so this will take a little bit longer to heat up, no big deal.

 May be known by other part numbers including: 1704737, 1888130100, 674001100039, 674001100050, H0120800355, H0124000590B, 672050310029, 674001100076

Suits Models: 13302, 13304, BDW4610X, DW401WA, DW401XA, OFI802A, PL402XA, PL614X-1, SA8210W, DW2006X, SA8210X7, SA8211X2, DWA147X, ST663, SA8210X-1, PL8605X, ST8605, SA8605X8, DWAU157XT, SA8605X, SA4510X-1, SA8605WTD, DWAU149X, DWAU315X, PL8210X, SA8605W, SA8605XTD, ST693-1, STH903, DWA314*D, DWAFI149, SA8200X, SA8605XT7, DWA149W

SNZ414IS, SNZ414S, SNZ442S, SNZ614X, SNZ642IS3, SNZ642S-3, SNZ642W-3, SNZ643IS, SNZ643IS1, SNZ643S-1, SNZ643S, SNZ643S7, SNZ653S, SNZ693IS, SNZ693S, SNZ693S7

450CDW, 600CDW, A-DW745FI1, ADP8912, ADW745FI, ADW745FI1, ADW759FI, ADW759FI1, ADW759FI2, ADW759FI3, AP410, AP612CA, API6, B6M1FIGB, B6V1FIGB, BDE7045, BDW045, BDW4610X, BDW6020, BDW7060, BFID469X, BLV1AAZ, BLV1ANE, BLV1AO, BLV1AP, BLV1AR, BLV1ARO, BLV1AVE, BLV1AX, BSID4610X, BWHM010W, CW445, CW448, D4B, D4SS, D4W, DC122B-1, DC122B, DC122SS-1, DC122SS, DC122W-1, DC122W, DC132LW, DC134LB, DC134LSS, DC134LW, DC136LW, DC146LB, DC146LSS, DC146LW, DD409S, DD409W, DD410S, DD410W, DD410W1, DD612S, DD612S7, DD612SC, DD612SCA, DD612SCA7, DD612WC, DDC6-1, DDC6, DF1255W, DF13SS, DF14SS, DF41-7, DF41, DF410B, DF410BA, DF410BL, DF410BL1, DF410S, DF410S1, DF410SDX, DF410SDX7, DF410SF, DF410SF7, DF410W, DF410W1, DF4SS, DF61-1, DF61-7, DF61, DF612B, DF612BL, DF612FAS, DF612S, DF612SDX, DF612SDX7, DF612SE, DF612SI, DF612W, DF612WD, DF612WE, DF613SDX, DF614BE, DF614FAS, DF614FAS7, DF614S, DF614SF, DF614WE, DF67, DF6FABAZ, DF6FABAZ1, DF6FABBVE, DF6FABNE, DF6FABNE1, DF6FABNE2, DF6FABO, DF6FABP, DF6FABP1, DF6FABP2, DF6FABR, DF6FABR1, DF6FABR2, DF6FABRO, DF6FABRO1, DF6FABVE, DF6FABVE1, DF6FABX, DF6SPLUS, DFC410BK, DFC612BK, DFC612S, DFC612S9, DFD6121W, DFD6132B, DFD6132X-1, DFD6132X, DFD6133BL, DFD6133X, DFSN45, DI112-1, DI112-2, DI112-9, DI112, DI4, DI409C, DI409CA, DI41-7, DI41, DI410C, DI4510, DI453, DI4SS, DI6012-1, DI6012, DI6013-1, DI6013, DI6013D-1, DI6013D, DI6013NH-1, DI6013NH, DI6014, DI607, DI607C, DI61-7, DI61, DI612, DI612A, DI612A1, DI612C, DI612CA, DI612CA1, DI612CA9, DI612CAH, DI612CT, DI612DA, DI612DA9, DI612M, DI612SD, DI614, DI614H, DI6FABNE, DI6FABNE1, DI6FABNE2, DI6FABP, DI6FABP1, DI6FABP2, DI6FABR, DI6FABR1, DI6FABR2, DI6FABRO, DI6FABRO1, DI6MAX-1, DI6MAX, DI6SS-1, DI6SS, DI912, DIC4, DIC6-1, DIC6, DISD12, DVY1010J, DW-6060-FI, DW2003X-1, DW2005X-1, DW2006W, DW2006X, DW2006X7, DW6010, DW6011, DW606001, DW760FIA1, DW760SA, DWA147W, DWA147X, DWA149S, DWA149W, DWA149X, DWA157B, DWA157W, DWA157X, DWA214S, DWA214W, DWA214X, DWA3148S, DWA3148W, DWA314SD, DWA314W, DWA314WD, DWA314X, DWA315B, DWA315W, DWA315X, DWAFI149, DWAFI152T, DWAFI314, DWAFI315T, DWAFIP364, DWAI149X, DWAI152XT, DWAI214X, DWAI314X, DWAI315XT, DWAU147X, DWAU149X, DWAU149XN, DWAU149XO, DWAU157XT, DWAU214X, DWAU214XO, DWAU314X, DWAU314X1, DWAU315X, DWAU315X1, DWAU315XT, DWAUP364X, DWIFABNE-1, DWIFABNE, DWIFABP-1, DWIFABP, DWIFABR-1, DWIFABR, DWIFABRO-1, DWIFABRO, FAPBDW-SI714, GI62324X-1, GV61124AU, GV63222UK, GV63324X-1, JLDWS907, LFU-453IT, LP364X, LP364XS, LP364XT, LP7790A, LV22SS, LV22W, ODW204X, PI2003X-1, PL2006X, PL614WH-1, PL614X-1, PL623X-1, PL663X-1, PL8210X-1, PL8210X-2, PL8210X, PL823X, PL8605WTD, PL8605X, PL8605X7, PL8605X8, PL8605XT7, PL8605XTD, PL945X-3, PLA8605X7, SA4510X, SA4510X1, SA614X-1, SA623X-1, SA626X, SA628X-1, SA663WH-1, SA663X-1, SA683X-1, SA683X-2, SA8200X, SA8210BI, SA8210W-1, SA8210W, SA8210X-1, SA8210X, SA8211X-2, SA8211X, SA8211XWS, SA823X, SA8600X, SA8605BI, SA8605W, SA8605WTD, SA8605X, SA8605X7, SA8605X8, SA8605XT7, SA8605XT8, SA8605XTD, SA945W-3, SA945X-3, SA945X7, SNZ414IS, SNZ414S, SNZ442S, SNZ614X, SNZ642IS3, SNZ642S-3, SNZ642W-3, SNZ643IS, SNZ643IS1, SNZ643S-1, SNZ643S, SNZ643S7, SNZ653S, SNZ693IS, SNZ693S, SNZ693S7, ST663-1, ST663-2, ST693-1, ST8605-1, ST8605, ST93P, STA4648A, STA654DD, STA945-3, STC75NZ, STH903, STH905, STP364, STP364S, STP364T, TDW12S, TDW12W, UKSTX2-2, UKSTX45-2, VW80, VW80IN, VY450JE1, WC420, WC460IN

DWA147X, DWA149S, DWA149W, DWAI149X, DWAFI152T, DWA157X, DWA314D, DWA314X, DWA315B, DWA315X, DWAU149X, DWAU315X, PL614X, PL614WH-1, PL8605X, PL8210X, SA626X, SA4510X, SA8200X, SA8210X, SA8210X-1, SA8210X7, SA8210W, SA8210W-1, SA8211X2, SA823X, SA8605X, SA8605WTD, SA8605XTD, SA8605XT7, SA8605X8, ST663, ST693-1, STH903, ST8605.

653ELCN, APA113, APA6148N, APA6148X, APK450, APKE450, APL12-1, APL1250ES, APL1259ES, BLV1AZ, BLV1AZ-1, BLV1NE, BLV1NE-1, BLV1O, BLV1O-1, BLV1P, BLV1P-1, BLV1R, BLV1R-1, BLV1RO, BLV1RO-1, BLV1VE, BLV1VE-1, BLV1X, BLV1X-1, BLV2AZ-1, BLV2AZ-2, BLV2AZK, BLV2NE-1, BLV2NE-2, BLV2O-1, BLV2O-2, BLV2P-1, BLV2P-2, BLV2PK, BLV2R-1, BLV2R-2, BLV2RK, BLV2RO-1, BLV2RO-2, BLV2ROK, BLV2VE-1, BLV2VE-2, BLV2X-1, BLV2X-2, BLV496ES, CA01-3, CA01-4, CA01-5, CA01S, CA129B, CA12B, CA12S, D452I, DS643, DW54SSA, DWB45FI, DWI450, DWI600, ELV431, ELV451I, ELV471, ELV472B, ELVI451F, ELVI461B, ELVI461I, ELVI461N, FN52B, GSB4080E, GSI4210, GSI6210, GSI6310XL, GSV4050E, GSV4220, GSV6050E, GSV6110, GSV6220, GSV6320XL, KLS1256B, KLS1256S, KLS51B, KLS51S, KLS57B, KLVS30EB, KLVS32X, KLVS50EB, KLVS51NE, KLVS52X, KM45FI, KM45SI, KM60FI, KM60SI, KS45-3T, LLI6057, LS12B, LS12N, LS12X, LS13B, LS13B-2, LS13N, LS13N-2, LS13X, LS13X-2, LS19-3, LS19-7, LS4647XH7, LS6147XH7, LS6148BH9, LS6445BNL, LS6445XNL, LS6447BNL, LS6447XNL, LS645XNL2, LS645XSA, LS647XNL2, LSA1257BE, LSA1257LB, LSA12XD9, LSA12XPQ, LSA13X, LSA13X2, LSA14X, LSA14X7, LSA4547B, LSA4547X, LSA4548XD, LSA4549B, LSA4549G, LSA4549X, LSA4551B, LSA4551G, LSA4552B, LSA4645B, LSA4645X, LSA4645X7, LSA4647G, LSA4647X, LSA4647X7, LSA4647XH, LSA4649B, LSA4650B, LSA4745B, LSA4745X, LSA4845B, LSA4845G, LSA4845X, LSA6045X, LSA6047B, LSA6047G, LSA6047X, LSA6049B, LSA6049BD, LSA6049X, LSA6050B, LSA6051B, LSA612G, LSA6143B, LSA6143X, LSA6143X7, LSA6145B, LSA6145BH, LSA6145G, LSA6145N, LSA6145X, LSA6145X7, LSA6147B, LSA6147BD, LSA6147BH, LSA6147X, LSA6147X7, LSA6147XH, LSA6148B, LSA6149B, LSA614G, LSA614X7, LSA6150B, LSA6151B, LSA6245B, LSA6245G, LSA6245N, LSA6245X, LSA6246B, LSA6246G, LSA6246X, LSA6248B, LSA6248G, LSA624G, LSA642G, LSA642G-2, LSA6439AX2, LSA6439X2, LSA643BPQ, LSA643XPQ, LSA6444B, LSA6444B2, LSA6444X, LSA6444X2, LSA6445B, LSA6445B2, LSA6445FX, LSA6445G, LSA6445N, LSA6445N2, LSA6445X, LSA6445X2, LSA6446B, LSA6446B2, LSA6446X, LSA6446X2, LSA6447B, LSA6447B2, LSA6447FX, LSA6447X, LSA6447X2, LSA6448B, LSA6448B2, LSA6448G, LSA6448G2, LSA644G, LSA644G2, LSA645X, LSA645X2, LSA647WSA, LSA647XSA, LSA649WSA, LSA650B, LSA6539X, LSA653E, LSA6544B, LSA6544X, LSA6544X2, LSA6544X3, LSA6545B, LSA655X, LSAP6245X, LSAP6248X, LSAP6251G, LSAP6445X, LSAP6448B, LSAP6448X, LSAP6449G, LSG62, LSG62S, LSG63, LSG63X, LSP137B, LSP137N, LSP137X, LSP1449B, LSP1449N, LSP1449X, LSP1453B, LSP1453N, LSP1453X, LSP1453X1, LSP327B, LSP327N, LSP327X, LSP328X, LSP364XDE, LSP367X, LSP6448X2, LSP653B1, LSP653N1, LSP653X1, LSPX1253, LVD613X, LVF53B, LVF610B, LVF612X, LVF612X7, LVF613G, LVF613X, LVF647B9, LVF649B, LVF650B, LVF651B, LVF652B, LVIN12, LVS1247X9, LVS1249B, LVS1249X9, LVS1251B, LVS1251B1, LVS1251N, LVS1251S, LVS1251X1, LVS1255B, LVS1255B1, LVS1255S, LVS1255S1, LVS1256B, LVS1256S, LVS1257B, LVS1257B1, LVS1257S, LVS1257S1, LVS129B, LVS129S, LVS135B, LVS135FX, LVS135SX, LVS137B, LVS137N, LVS137SX, LVS139B, LVS139BI, LVS139N, LVS139S, LVS139SX, LVS1447X, LVS1449B, LVS1449N, LVS1449X, LVS1453B, LVS1453N, LVS1453X, LVS1453X1, LVS145B, LVS145FX, LVS145SX, LVS147SX, LVS1559BE, LVS319B, LVS319BI, LVS319S, LVS325FX, LVS329N, LVS329SX, LVS337SX, LVS367B, LVS367SX, LVS374B, LVS374X, LVS375SX, LVS4107X, LVS4109B, LVS450B1, LVS450B2, LVS450N1, LVS450N2, LVS450X1, LVS450X2, LVS450X7, LVS452B1, LVS452X1, LVS454B, LVS454B1, LVS454X, LVS454X1, LVS60ELMN, LVS647BSA, LVS647SSA, LVS649B1, LVS649BSA, LVS649N1, LVS649SSA, LVS649X1, LVS653B1, LVS653N1, LVS653X1, LVS655B1, LVS655EG, LVS655N1, LVS655X1, LVS657SI1, LVS65SSA, LVS65WSA, LVS949X1, LVS953X1, LVSMW129B, LVSU129B, LVW1257, LVX1255, LX1253, MSH532, PK123EB, PK123NE, PK123X, PL1107EB, PL1107EB1, PL1107NE, PL1107NE1, PL1107X, PL1107X1, PL1107X7, PL1108NE, PL1108X, PL1123EB, PL1123NE, PL1123X, PL1123X7, PL113EB, PL113NE, PL113X, PL1144EB, PL1144NE, PL1144X, PL1144X7, PL1145NE, PL1145X, PL1145X7, PL115NE, PL115X, PL148NE, PL148X, PL19-4, PL19-7, PL19X-4, PL19X-7, PL313EB, PL313NE, PL313X, PL314NE, PL314X, PL323X, PL338NE, PL338X, PL4107NE1, PL4107X, PL45XME, PL4648XD7, PL521B, PL521N, PL521X, PL531X, PL60XME, PL60XME1, PL6148XD7, PL6248XD9, PL6445XD, PL6446XD, PL6448XD, PL6448XD2, PL647GSA, PL648GSA, PL6545XD, PL700KX1, PL732GDK, PLA4546X, PLA4550B, PLA4550N, PLA4550X, PLA4550XD, PLA4645X, PLA4645X7, PLA4648B, PLA4648N, PLA4648X, PLA4648X7, PLA4648XD, PLA4745B, PLA4745N, PLA4745X, PLA6045B, PLA6045N, PLA6045X, PLA6047B, PLA6047N, PLA6047X, PLA6047X7, PLA6049XD, PLA6051B, PLA6051N, PLA6051X, PLA612X, PLA613X, PLA6143B, PLA6143N, PLA6143X, PLA6143X7, PLA6145B, PLA6145N, PLA6145X, PLA6145X7, PLA6147B, PLA6147G, PLA6147N, PLA6147X, PLA6147X7, PLA6148B, PLA6148G, PLA6148N, PLA6148X, PLA6148X7, PLA6148XD, PLA615X7, PLA6245B, PLA6245N, PLA6245X, PLA6246B, PLA6246N, PLA6246X, PLA6248B, PLA6248N, PLA6248X, PLA6248X7, PLA6348B, PLA6348N, PLA6348X, PLA6348XD, PLA643XPQ, PLA6442N2, PLA6442X, PLA6442X2, PLA6445B, PLA6445B2, PLA6445N, PLA6445N2, PLA6445X, PLA6445X2, PLA6446B, PLA6446N, PLA6446X, PLA6446X2, PLA6447X, PLA6448B, PLA6448B2, PLA6448N, PLA6448N2, PLA6448X, PLA6448X2, PLA647G, PLA6539X, PLA8645X, PLA8743X, PLA8743X7, SA144D, SDCY66-1, SDCY66X1, ST1105, ST1107, ST1107S, ST1108, ST1108S, ST111E, ST112, ST112-1, ST112-2, ST1123, ST1123S, ST1123S-1, ST1124, ST1124S, ST1124S-1, ST1125, ST1125-1, ST112-9, ST113-2, ST113S, ST113S-9, ST114, ST1144, ST1144S, ST1145, ST1145S, ST1146, ST1146SE, ST114S, ST114S-9, ST115S, ST116S, ST119-2, ST119-9, ST146, ST147, ST147AT, ST148, ST149, ST14XSA, ST1FABNE, ST1FABP, ST1FABR, ST1FABRO, ST212, ST212-9, ST214, ST214-9, ST215-9, ST2FABNE, ST2FABNE2, ST2FABP, ST2FABP2, ST2FABR, ST2FABR2, ST2FABRO, ST2FABRO2, ST313, ST314, ST315, ST315L, ST316, ST316L, ST317, ST317AT, ST317L, ST321, ST321-1, ST322, ST323L, ST324ATL, ST324L, ST331L, ST332L, ST337, ST338, ST338L, ST339, ST339L, ST4, ST4105, ST4106, ST4107, ST4108, ST5, ST512, ST513, ST513-2, ST514, ST515, ST521, ST522, ST523, ST531, ST537, ST6013, ST6013-2, ST6015, ST6015-2, ST647SA, ST648SA, ST649, ST721, ST722X, ST723L, ST724L, ST731, ST732GDK, ST732L, ST733L, ST733TL, ST863, ST863S, ST8647, ST8647-3, ST864S, ST865, ST865S, ST867, ST867-2, ST867-3, ST868, ST868TL, ST997-1, ST997-2, STA12XPQ, STA13X, STA13XL, STA13XL2, STA14X, STA14X7, STA445, STA4546, STA4550, STA4550D, STA4552, STA4645, STA4648, STA4648D, STA4745, STA4845, STA4846, STA6043, STA6045, STA6045BE, STA6047, STA6049D, STA6051, STA612, STA613, STA613-9, STA6143, STA6145, STA6147, STA6147-9, STA6148, STA6148D, STA6149D, STA6149D1, STA6245, STA6245-9, STA6246, STA6246-9, STA6247D9, STA6248, STA6248-9, STA6248D, STA6248D9, STA6249, STA6249-9, STA6249NL, STA6439L2, STA643DD, STA643NL2, STA643PQ, STA6443, STA6443-2, STA6443-3, STA6443NL, STA6444, STA6444L, STA6444L2, STA6445, STA6445-2, STA6445D, STA6445D2, STA6445TC, STA6446, STA6446-2, STA6446D, STA6447, STA6447-2, STA6447NL, STA6448, STA6448-2, STA6448D, STA6448D2, STA645Q, STA645S, STA646D2, STA646DD, STA647NL2, STA6539, STA6539L, STA6539L2, STA6539L3, STA6544, STA6544L, STA6544L2, STA6544L3, STA6544TC, STA8614X, STA8614X7, STA8639L, STA8639L3, STA8643, STA8643-3, STA8645, STA8647, STA8743, STA8743PQ, STA8745, STC75, STE521, STG1, STG2, STG3, STL825A, STL825A-1, STL825B, STL825B-1, STL827A, STL827B, STL865A, STL865A-1, STL867A, STLA825A, STLA825A-1, STLA825B, STLA825B-1, STLA828A, STLA828B, STLA865A, STLA865A-1, STLA868A, STM532, STMW10, STMW10-9, STMW24A, STMW24S, STMW25S, STMW26, STMW26-9, STO903, STO903-1, STO905, STO905-1, STO905SA, STP12, STX1-5, STX2C, STX2C7, STX2DK, STX2P, STX3C, STX3CL, STX643, STX6S1, UPOD450, UPOD452, WDI6043, WT1105, WT112, WT112-1, WT112-2, WT1123, WT1123-1, WT1123-2, WT1124, WT1125, WT1125-1, WT112-9, WT114-9, WT213, WT214
Also suits 6740 011 00039, 674001100039, WA674001100039, ed5des, 672050310040,1888150100, Damani Model DAD6005, 10888 DAU1591063, DELONGHI, DAU1590343, 393-877953-001, 393877953001, CDW1211, Baumatic BAD6002 672050310029, 672050310015, 806890548, 672050310029



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