811730272 Smeg Oven Multifunction Selector Rotary Switch ORIGINAL

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Smeg Genuine Original Manufacturer Part

Part codes: 811730272

 SE380X-5 (PRODUCED FROM 11/04/03 - 10/06/04) APL360XC, LW91105GF, LW91105SS, S360XT-5, S365X-5, S370-5, S370AV-5, S370EB-5, S370EBT-5, S380BX, S380X-5, S381X-5, S890AMFR5, S890AMFR7, S890AMFRO, S890BMFR7, S890PMFR5, S890PMFR7, S890PMFRO, S970-5, S970EB-5, S995XRAL, S995XRAL5, S995XRK, S995XRK-5, SDK455X-5, SE360C-5, SE360EBC5, SE360XC-5, SE365MF-5, SE365MFB5, SE365MFX5, SE375MEB5, SE375MF-5, SE375MFX5, SE380X-5, SE465X-5, SE910MFA5, SE910MFP5, SE910MFV5, SE985X-5, SE985X-7, SE995XR-5, SE995XR-7, SE996XRK, SE996XRK7, SI800-5, SI800A-5, SI800AV-5, SI800EB-5, SI800GB-5, SI800P-5, SI800V-5, WE360C-5, WE360EBC5, WE360XC-5, WE800A-5, WE800GB-5, WE985X-5, WE995XR-5, WIL360BC5, WIL360C-5

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