813050120 Smeg Omega Baumatic Classique Dishwasher Inlet Valve

Sale price$29.99 + Freight and GST


Unpackaged Original ELTEK Group Replacement

Usually $51+GST for original packaged, this is an original unpackaged factory direct. ENEC Certified ELTEK well known brand for high quality affordable valves.

Part codes: 813050120, 693050066, 693050033, 693050104, 813050059, 693050122


1000SLX, 1253L, 164X, 1VE451P, 351IP, 3LBA500, 3LBS850, 3LBS931, 3LBSA860, 3LBSA935, 3LNS840, 3LNS911, 3LNSA915, 4040.0, 4040.2, 4041.0, 4042.3, 4046.4, 444, 460F, 460N, 4LB490, 4LB550, 600CDW, 604, 760B, 760BN, 770B, 770BN, 85026, 85027, 8505I, 85104, 85114, 860, 860F, 860L, 860N, 860SLF, 892, 892N, 893, 894, 953F, 953L, 9FAPOB, A145B, A76, A76/1, A76/1UK, A76UK, ADB700/1G, ADG3500, ADG3500-1, ADG3540, ADG3550, ADG5500-1, ADG956, ADGR3700, ADL745/2, ADP8234, ADP8242, ADP8252, ADW659FI, ADW659FI1, ADW659FI2, ADW759FI, ADW759FI1, ADW759FI2, ADW759FI3, ADX550, ALV430, AP124, AP540, AP541.2, AP541.3, AP542, AP57, AP612CA, AP642, AP642B, APA113, APA6148N, APA6148X, APL12, APL12-1, APL1250ES, APL1259ES, APL961X, APLV8B, APLV8N, AQUILLA, BDW7060, BE600, BE600.1, BF11B, BF11P, BF72, BLA2, BLA2S, BLV495, BLV495-1, BLV496ES, BLV515, BLV531, BLV532, BLV535, BLV551, BLV552, BS4004, BWHM010W, C451P, C454, CA01, CA01-1, CA01-2, CA01-3, CA01-4, CA01-5, CA01S, CA12B, CA12S, CL5, CL6S, CL6S.1, CL6S-2, CL6S-3, CL6S-4, CL6W, CL6W.1, CL6W-2, CL6W-3, CL6W-4, CLDWBRIO, D12S, D455, D455UK, D459UK, D45S.1, D7049, D7078, D7080, D7082, DD612SC, DD612SCA, DD612SCA7, DD612WC, DDW103, DDW104, DEFYSP, DF1255W, DF55, DF56, DF612B, DF612BL, DF612FAS, DF612S, DF612SDX, DF612SDX7, DF612SE, DF612SI, DF612W, DF612WD, DF612WE, DF614BE, DF614FAS, DF614FAS7, DF614WE, DFC612BK, DFC612S, DGS60.1W, DGS60W, DGSP60W, DI103, DI21X, DI410, DI450.1, DI612, DI612C, DI612CA, DI612CA1, DI612CAH, DI612DA, DI65, DI65.1, DIL45, DIPLTWIST, DIPTWIST1, DIPTWIST2, DISH121, DS400, DT60, DT68N, DW124, DW126, DW127.1, DW128, DW128CKD, DW129.1, DW1295, DW129CKD, DW1906, DW1906E, DW2000EB, DW2000X, DW2002EB, DW2002X, DW2003WH, DW2003X, DW2003X-1, DW2004EB, DW2004X, DW2005WH, DW2005X, DW2005X-1, DW2006W, DW2006X, DW2006X7, DW2200SE, DW312, DW412, DW450E, DW4P, DW5012, DW606001, DW612AS, DW612AS2A, DW612AS3A, DW612HL3A, DW659FI, DW659FI1, DW659FI2, DW660B, DW660B-1, DW660S, DW660S1, DW660SA, DW660SK, DW660W, DW660W-1, DW755S, 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GM285-160, GM286-160, GM286160S, GM286-910, GM295-120, GM295-160, GM296110I, GM296120I, GM296-160, GM335-160, GMT286520, GS4007, GS701, GS8007, GS803I, GS803IB1, GS803IS1, GS803IW, GS803IW1, GSA4587, GSA5060, GSA5060.1, GSA5060N, GSA600, GSC60/1, GSD204B, GSD204W, GSD242T, GSD5030WX, GSD541B, GSD541B-S, GSD541W, GSD541W-S, GSGP10.3B, GSGP10-4B, GSGP10B, GSGP11.3S, GSGP11-4S, GSGP11-5S, GSGP11S, GSGP15.1W, GSGP15.3W, GSGP15-4W, GSGP15-5W, GSGP15W, GSGP19.3E, GSGP19-4E, GSGP19-5E, GSGP19E, GSH08SRCS, GSH08SRCW, GSH11SRTB, GSH11SRTW, GSH12SRTB, GSH12SRTS, GSH12SRTW, GSH242R, GSH242S, GSH5030WX, GSH6030WX, GSH942R, GSH942S, GSI204.1B, GSI204.1E, GSI204.1S, GSI204.1W, GSI204B, GSI204BP, GSI204E, GSI204EP, GSI204S, GSI204SP, GSI204W, GSI204W0, GSI204WP, GSI308B, GSI308B1, GSI308S1, GSI308W, GSI308W1, GSI408B, GSI408E, GSI408S, GSI408W, GSI541B, GSI541B., GSI541B-S, GSI541E, GSI541E.1, GSI541S, GSI541S., GSI541TT, GSI541W, GSI541W., GSI541W-S, GSI641AL, GSI641B, GSI641B.2, GSI641B-3, 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ZZS1604R, ZZS1604W, ZZS2604R, ZZS2604W, ZZS455B, ZZS455R, ZZS455R., ZZS455S, ZZS455T, ZZS455W, ZZS605NR, ZZS605NS, ZZS605R., ZZS605S., ZZS605W

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