870650452 Smeg Wok Crown Base Double Burner ORIGINAL 870650141 870650142

Sale price$53.81 + Freight and GST


Original Part 870650141, 870650142, 870650452

You may need 882410048 Top Crown if your burner isn't working, it is the most common part replaced compared to the Crown Base. Search to see pricing & availability.


CIR64X3, CIR64XS, CIR64XS3, CIR66X3, CIR66XS3, GKC64-3, GKC641-3, GKM230E, GKR64-3, GKR64A-3, HB6422A, HB64ABE3, HB64CAS, HB64CAS1, HB64CAS3, HB64CCS, HB64CCS1, HB64CCS3, HB64CGS, HB64CSS, HB64CSS1, HB64CSS3, HB64XBE3, JGP140SAY, JGP140WAY, OAR64X, OAR64XS, PG310, PR34ASX1, S76, S76EB, S76NE, S76TF, SAR134ABS, SAR134AWS, SAR134AX1, SAR134AXS, SAR134BS1, SAR134EB1, SAR134NE1, SAR134WLP, SAR134WP1, SAR134WS1, SAR134XLP, SAR134XP1, SAR134XS1, SAR134XS3, SAR28AX, SAR60W, SAR60X, SAR60X3, SAR64EB, SAR64EB1, SAR64EBLP, SAR64EBP1, SAR64X, SAR64X1, SAR64XLP, SAR64XLP1, SAR64XS, SAR64XS1, SAR64XS3, SAR65X, SAR65XS, SAR66X, SAR66X3, SAR66XS, SAR66XS3, SAR67X, SAR67X1, SDR34ASN, SDR34ASX, SDR34ASX3, SDR34XG, SDR34XG3, SDR60X, SDR60XG, SDR60XG3, SEER34XV, SEPR34AX1, SER134AEB, SER134ANE, SER134AX1, SER134EB1, SER134NE1, SER34AXE, SER60GXB3, SER60GXBE, SER60S, SER60S3, SER60SGH, SER60SGH3, SER60SX, SER60SX3, SER63, SER63A, SER63AEB, SER63EB, SER63LPG, SER63LPG3, SER64, SER64A, SER64AEB, SER64AEBS, SER64AS, SER64EB, SER64EBS, SER64GBX, SER64GBX3, SER64LPG, SER64LPG3, SER64S, SER64S3, SER64SNX, SER64SNX3, SER64XGNL, SER804AD, SER804AEB, SER844AVO, SER844RG3, SILR34ABS, SILR34AWS, SILR64EB, SILR64NE, SILR64X, SNL60XG, SNL64AG, SNL64CAS, SNL64CSS, SNL64XG, SNLR34AX, SNLR34AX1, SNLR34AX2, SNLR34XG1, SNLR34XG2, SNZ134SS, SNZ134W, SNZ34XGR1, SNZ34XGR3, SNZ34XGRC, SNZ64SS, SNZ64SS1, SNZ64SS3, SNZ64WH, SNZ64WH1, SP134AEB, SPR134ANE, SPR34AX1, SPR34AXE, SR134A1, SR134ABSH, SR134AE, SR134AEB1, SR134AEBH, SR134AGHS, SR134ANE1, SR134AS1, SR134BSH1, SR134EBH1, SR134EBS1, SR134NES1, SR341AS1, SR341AS3, SR34ASX, SR34ASX1, SR34ASX3, SR34ASXBE, SR34ASXK, SR34AX, SR34GXBE, SR34GXBE3, SR34IND, SR34SGH, SR34SGH3, SR60GHU3, SR764AX, SR764AXNL, SR764BS, SR764BSNL, SR764PX, SR764PXD, SR764PXNL, SR764XRW, SR934AS, SR934ASX, SRA28AX, STR134A, STR134A1, STR134AEB, STR134AGR, STR134AMB, STR134ANE, STR134AS1, STR134BS1, STR134EB1, STR134GR1, STR134GS1, STR134MB1, STR134MS1, STR134NE1, STR134NS1, WDK264GH, WDK264SX, WDK264SX3, WER264S, WER264SGH, WER264SX, WER641AS, WER641S, WER64AS, WER64ASX, WER64EBS, WER64S, WER64SNX, WER64SNX3, WER64SX, WER864ASA, WR134A1, WR134AE, WR134AS1, WR341AS1, WR34ASX1, 3C852, 3C852V, 3C853/1, 3C854, 3C854E, 3C854V, 3C854XE, 3C85BT, 3C85XT, 3C85XT/A, 3C86XMTV, 3C86XMTVA, 3EM-375B, 3EM-375N, 4C80, 4EI350B, API855, C8095, C85BTV, C85XTV, C85XTV/A, CA854V, CB852, CB852/A, CB853V, CB853V/A, CB854/1, CB854/1/A, CB854/1V, CB854/1VA, CB855, CB855/A, CB856V, CB856V/A, CB857BT, CB857BT/A, CB857BTV, CB857BTVA, CD856MFX, CE854GA, CE854GX, CE856MFA, CE856MFX, CS855, CW855, ER17651AU, ER17651EU, ER17651FG, ER17651NL, GKE75, HB7522A, K854XE, NCT675NAU, NCT675NEU, NCT675NFG, NCT675NNL, S852VK, S852XV/A, S852XVK, S853/1, S854X/A, S854XV, S854XV/A, S855/1X, S855/1X/A, S855/1XV, S855/1XVA, S86XMFV, S86XMFV/A, SD706SX, SD706X3, SD855/1XV, SD855/2XV, SE706AV3, SE706S, SE706S3, SE706SX, SE706SX3, SE706SXBE, SE854X/1, SE854XK, SE854XK/A, SNL706X, SNL706X-3, SNL854X, SNL854X1, SNL854X2, SO854, SUK80GA, SUK80GX, SUK80MFA, SUK80MFX, SUK854X, T2740N1EU, T2740N1NL, T2760N1EU, TPAN705GX, UK80MFX1, W8521X, W852X, W8532V, W8532XV, W8534, W8535X, W8536, W8536V, W8537X, W8537XV, W854, W854E, WDK75, WE706, WE7061S, WE706EBS, WE706GBS, WE706S, WE706S3, WUK854X, SNZ93XGR9

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