948650109 Smeg Freestanding Oven Cooktop Wok Burner Thermocouple 600mm ORIGINAL

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Original Part

Part codes: 948650109 - WOK BURNER THERMOCOUPLE

Length: 500/600mm


Wok Burner Thermocouple for Smeg A1.1, A1A.1, A1AD.1, A1D.1, A1P.1, A1VA.1, A1VG.1, A2, A2A, A2AD, A2D, AP704S, AP704S3, APL706S, APV63BL, APV63X, APV64X, APV74X, APV74XC, CIR34XS, CIR574XS3, CIR60XS, CIR60XS3, CIR64XS, CS18A/1, CS18A/1DR, CS18NLA1, CS18V/1, CS18V/1DR, CS19/1, CS19A/1, CS19B/1, CS19NL1, CS19NLA1, CS19P/1, CS19V/1, CS20, CS20FB, CS20NL, CS20NLA, CSA196, CSA196A, CSA196XLP, CSA20, ER12550RK, ER17651AU, ER17651FG, GKC641-3, GKDCO2-3, GKE75, HB6422A, HB64CAS1, HB64CCS1, HB64CSS1, HB7522A, JGP345SCS, NCT675NFG, NCT685NFG, OAR64XS, PPV577X.1, PR34ASX1, PR804ADS1, PR804ASEA, PR804ASEP, PRV532X.1, PRV564X.1, SAR574XS, SAR574XS1, SAR64XS1, SAR65XS, SAR66XS, SARV532X, SARV532X1, SARV532X2, SARV532X3, SD706SX, SD706X3, SDPV577, SDPV595X1, SDPV595XG, SDR34ASN, SDR34ASX, SDR34XG, SDR60X, SDR60XG, SDR60XG3, SDRV532X, SDRV532X1, SDRV532XG, SDRV564X1, SDRV564XG, SE275X, SE706AV3, SE706GH, SE706S, SE706S3, SE706SX, SE706SX3, SE706SXBE, SE706XGPL, SER60GXB3, SER60GXBE, SER60S, SER60S3, SER60SGH, SER60SGH3, SER60SX, SER60SX3, SER64EBS, SER64S, SER64SNX, SER64TFS, SNL532X, SNL532XG, SNL564X, SNL564XG, SNL574GH, SNL595X, SNL60XG, SNL64AG, SNL64CAS, SNL64CSS, SNL64XG, SNLR34AX2, SNLR34XG2, SNLRV596X, SNZ34XGR1, SP595XGD3, SPR864AGH, SPR864AVOGH, SPR864BGH, SPR864PGH, SPR864RAGH, SPV577-3, SPV577.1, SPV577EB1, SPV577NE1, SPV577TF1, SPV577X-3, SPV577X.1, SPV595-3, SPV595.1, SPV595EB1, SPV595GAL, SPV595GB1, SPV595GB2, SPV595GN1, SPV595GW1, SPV595X-3, SR134AGHS, SR264AV, SR264X, SR264XGH, SR275AV, SR275X, SR275XBE, SR275XDE, SR275XGH, SR34ASX1, SR34ASXBE, SR34GXBE, SR34IND, SR34SGH, SR532XGD3, SR564GXB3, SR564GXBE, SR564XGD3, SR574GXBE, SR60GHS, SR60GHU3, SR764AO, SR764AOD, SR764AS, SR764AX, SR764AXNL, SR764BS, SR764BSNL, SR764OT, SR764PO, SR764PS, SR764PX, SR764PXD, SR764PXNL, SR764RA, SR764XRW, SR804AGBE, SR804AGH, SR804ASBE, SR804ASEV, SR804PGBE, SR804PGH, SR804PSBE, SR804VGH, SR864AGBE, SR864AGH9, SR864OGH9, SR864PGB9, SR864PGBE, SR864PGH9, SR934AS, SR934ASX, SRV531XFE, SRV532GH, SRV532GH3, SRV532LG3, SRV532TG, SRV532TX, SRV532TX3, SRV532X-3, SRV532X.1, SRV532X, SRV532XB3, SRV532XBE, SRV563EB1, SRV563EB2, SRV563NE1, SRV563NE2, SRV563X-3, SRV563X.1, SRV564-3, SRV564.1, SRV5641-1, SRV5641-3, SRV564A6, SRV564AL, SRV564AV6, SRV564AZ, SRV564CO2, SRV564CO3, SRV564CO6, SRV564EB1, SRV564EB2, SRV564EB3, SRV564EB4, SRV564EB7, SRV564GAL, SRV564GB1, SRV564GB2, SRV564GB3, SRV564GG1, SRV564GH, SRV564GH3, SRV564GHB, SRV564GHN, SRV564GME, SRV564GN1, SRV564GW1, SRV564GW2, SRV564GW3, SRV564GW6, SRV564M, SRV564M3, SRV564NE1, SRV564NE2, SRV564P, SRV564TF1, SRV564TF3, SRV564TT, SRV564VA, SRV564X-3, SRV564X.1, SRV564XBE, SRV564XF1, SRV564XF2, SRV572TX, SRV573EB, SRV573MB, SRV573NE, SRV573TF, SRV573TX3, SRV573X-3, SRV573X3, SRV573XT, SRV573XTG, SRV574GH, SRV574GH3, SRV574GHN3, SRV574HK, SRV574LG3, SRV574X-3, SRV574X.1, SRV574XBE, SRV574XN1, SRV574XN3, SRV575TF, SRV576, SRV576EB, SRV576TF, SRV576X, SRV864A, SRV864AGH, SRV864AVO, SRV864B, SRV864C, SRV864OGH, SRV864P-9, SRV864P, SRV864PGH, SRV864RAG, SRV864TF, SRV876A, T2760N1EU, WDK264GH, WDK264SX, WDK264SX3, WDK75, WE704EBS, WE704S, WE704S3, WE7061S, WE706EBS, WE706GBS, WE706S, WE706S3, WER264S, WER264SGH, WER264SX, WER641S, WER64EBS, WER64S, WER64SNX, WER64SX, WER64SXN, WER64TFS, WER864ASA, WR864DS, WR864EBS, WR864S, WR864TFS


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