ARUKI 8µF Microfarad Capacitor for Dryers, Washing Machines

Sale price$14.77 + Freight and GST


Genuine ARUKI Capacitor

Genuine Manufacturer for Fisher & Paykel

Made in Italy Capacitor

8µF (Microfarad)

Suits part code: 427502P - 8uF (ICAR / EPCOS)
Usually $26.70 + shipping 

Easy match: Fits Fisher & Paykel back vented dryers usually 4.5kg or larger with plastic-clear window on the door. 

ED52, ED52U, ED54, ED54U, ED55, ED55U, ED56, ED56U 

Common symptoms of faulty capacitor: 
Dryer won't start, drum needs encouragement to move, can't handle a large load (can sometimes be the motor for this fault, but this is a good way to check without spending lots of money). 

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